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12 Top Reasons for Failed Relationships and Marriages!


Relationships and marriages are not made with perfection. There are certain things that couples fight and disagree. Unfortunately, those fights will mostly end up in failure and separation. While some little stuff can be patched up, there are larger issues and differences that can lead to the eventual fallout of the relationship.

In this article, we try to look at the eleven top reasons why marriages and relationships fail.


Financial problem between the couple is a very common issue. It involves payment of bills, budgeting, debts and obligations, and spending. The first years of the relationship will not show signs of this problem but in the later part, there will be frequent disagreements about money which in turn can lead to separation.

Lack of Proper Communication

There is good and bad communication. What the couple needs is the former. Bad communication is just like no communication at all. Partners who yell at each other when there are differences and couples who don’t say a single word when there is disagreement will go the same way : to the end of the relationship.

Children and In-laws

Running a relationship or marriage is not easy. It is common to hear marital problems that spring out of misunderstandings between and among children, siblings, relatives, and in-laws. The responsibility that each partner must face can lead to stress.

Facing Responsibility

Relationships and marriages entail commitment. But the perfect recipe for a failed relationship is the inability of the couple to understand and accept responsibility. They realize for one moment that they are not ready and decide to part ways.


Sexual intercourse is a must in any marriage. Each party in the relationship must be able to provide satisfaction for each so that the energy and spark for each other will remain even after years of being together. The failure to cater to the sexual needs of the couple carries a significant weight in destroying relationships and marriages.


Being unfaithful is perhaps the most popular cause of separation and failed relationships. If one of the partners commits infidelity, there’s a good chance that the other cannot forgive, leading to failure of the relationship.


They say that friends will always be there when you experience marital problems. On the other hand, they can also be the source of fights, arguments, and separation for couples. There are friends who cross the line. They interfere with marital issues and they do nothing but aggravate small problems.


There is no argument here. As soon as physical and psychological abuse manifests, there is no better way to address it that end it. Any form of abuse is not healthy. Thus, it should not form part of any relationship.


It is not only a problem in any relationship; anyone who is addicted to anything can never be responsible enough to be in a relationship in the first place. Once an addiction starts in the middle of a relationship or marriage, the end becomes inevitable.

Opposite Personalities

Even if they say that opposite poles attract, it is not always the same case when it comes to relationships. People with different personalities tend to fall in love because they see some things similar in them. However, once opposite personalities clash, different interests are proposed and that can lead to frequent disagreements and arguments.

Failed Expectations

It isn’t right when couples set unrealistic goals and expectations for each other because if they do so, it can lead to severe disappointments. Partners who hope for farfetched objectives will likely end up losing faith to each other.

Lack of Time

Time is the most important factor in a relationship next to love. Without it, failure is expected. There is no way for couples and partners to run a smooth relationship if they cannot even find time to talk and be with each other.



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