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3 Concerns You Must Address When Dealing With Infidelity


If you are the injured spouse, dealing with infidelity in your relationship is a terrible situation to be in. You don’t know how to move forward, to stop thinking about all of the horrible, dishonest things that your cheating spouse has done. Now whenever you think about your spouse it is with anger and disgust, you feel sick to your stomach over the whole sordid affair. It is not uncommon to feel this way when you have been hit over the head with infidelity. There are concerns in relation to your disloyal spouse that needs to be addressed.

The affair must end

For you and your spouse to move forward past the affair, the other person has to be out of your lives permanently. Your disloyal spouse must stop having any form of contact with the ex-paramour. There has to be absolutely no communication what-so-ever with that person.

Answer any question that I have

When you are dealing with infidelity, it is normal to have unanswered questions about what was going  on behind your back. And if your cheating spouse is not forthcoming with the answers it will leave you needlessly wondering, speculating and forming your own conclusions. You probably don’t need to ask the truly awful questions, but you do want answers to certain questions if only to confirm your suspicions and that will help you move forward and heal.

Be honest, open and admit the wrong-doing

To heal after such a breach of trust in your relationship, there must be openness, such as sharing all passwords and login ID’s of email accounts, cell phones and other forms of communication. If your cheating spouse  is not being 100 percent open with you and giving you unrestricted access to all phone records, passwords, text messages or shares his daily activities with you, then there is a strong possibility that he is still having an affair. The cheater also has to accept full responsibility and admit that what they did was wrong.

Dealing with infidelity is going to be hard for both of you and you have to work on healing and repairing the marriage bond together, this is the only one way forward to building a truly amazing marriage for the future.



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