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4 Tips for Increasing Your Youtube Video Views


Are your videos not getting the views you were hoping for? No need to panic because you can solve this problem with just some minor adjustments. I find that many people are looking for help on this matter so below I am going to give some ways you can increase you youtube traffic.

One way to increase the traffic to your youtube video is by providing a catchy title and a relevant descriptions. You want to make sure that the title of your video will trigger peoples curiosity. You want to grab their attention and make them curious to see what you have to show them. You want to make your title unique and catchy but be sure that it is relevant to the content that will be provided in the video. You do not want to mislead viewers as this will make them angry. Also, if possible be sure to include the keyword you are targeting in the actual title. This will not only rank better in Youtube, but also the search engines.

You want to include your title in your description as well. Make sure your description contains relevant information. If you do this correctly the search engines and Youtube will pick up on your video quickly. You want to be sure and not spam your keyword in the description, but rather work it into the content you are putting in the description box. Put together, what I like to call, a “mini” article for the description of you Youtube videos. Include the keyword when you can and write RELEVANT and UNIQUE content and the ranking of your video will rise.

The second thing you can do to increase your video traffic is upload it to more sites than just youtube. We all know how popular Youtube is, but it is not the only video directory site on the Internet. Do some research and find some other great sites you can post your videos to. I will give you a great tool that will submit your videos to 12 different video directories for FREE. If you go to www.tubemogul.com all you have to do is create a membership, upload your video to their site and it will send away. It’s a great resource, use it.

The next thing you can do is post the link of your youtube channel on forums. Now, do not go around spamming everyone around do it in a professional manner. Locate a great forum on your niche, participate in the conversations and put your link in your resource box. Trust me, people who use forums know where the resource box is and if they enjoyed your content they will give it a look. If you spam people you will be disliked and sometimes even removed from the community. Give some value and it will pay off.

Finally, make sure you create quality videos. Sound obvious right? Well, you would think so, but everyday I see people uploading videos that are just flat out horrible. Take your time and make sure that not on the quality of the video is good, but also the content. Give people a reason to watch your full video and click the link you have posted in your description.

Getting traffic to your videos is not very hard, but it takes some work and dedication. Spend time on creating great videos that are jammed packed with content. Then use the resources and tips I have given you above to spread the news.



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