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4 Viral Marketing Strategies


Viral marketing strategies are an important tool for any company looking to expand its presence both online and in the real world. Viral marketing strategies aim to spread a brand name or product in a rapid fashion using the concept of word of mouth advertising. Viral marketing is so named due to the fact that when it’s successful the content can spread rapidly much like a virus.

One of the many effective viral marketing strategies is done through the use of articles. The idea of these in a viral marketing sense is to write an article which people will want to read. This can be done more easily than one might think. The next step is to include a resource box at the bottom of the article.

Ideally this resource box should contain a little information about yourself and a link back to your website. The final touch is to include a copyright which gives other website owners the right to post your article if they leave the copyright and resource information intact. If the article offers truly unique and entertaining content it will spread around the internet at a rather rapid pace.

One of the more technical viral marketing strategies used is to develop a piece of software which people will want to use. The idea of this is to offer the software free of charge. In most cases this type of viral marketing will aim to develop some form of free, web based game which is both entertaining and somewhat addictive. As more and more people find this simple little game they will spread the word to their friends and families and it will continue to grow. Other sites will include free one way links to your site which hosts this simple game.

One of the oldest viral marketing strategies for online viral marketing is using an email signature. It seems simple and in many ways questionable but it really does work. Every single time you send an email with your websites information at the bottom you gain the chance of someone clicking on your site. Every time you get someone to look at your site you potentially get someone who will tell their friends about you. This is not always the quickest form of viral marketing but it can be an extremely effective form.

Another one of the older viral marketing strategies which can work wonders both in gaining you the viewers you want and the reputation you need is forum posting. The goal of forum posting is to not only share useful information or help with people but to include a signature with your companies name and website.

Though this usually offers relatively little help for search engines it is a great way of gaining clicks. You can also establish yourself as an expert by answering questions relating to your field which improves your overall image.

Viral marketing can be a challenge for people who are just beginning to understand it. Learning and using the right viral marketing strategies will help you to grow your business and gain a solid reputation.



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