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6 Butterfly Marketing Tips About Marketing your Own Product On the Internet


In this article I will try help the newbie Internet Marketer by revealing 6 important tips to making a successful product and selling it successfully on the internet.

1.Find your Niche
You can’t write a general product about things generally. It might seem obvious but most people go into making a product before actually doing some research on the market that they want to enter. You need to know if the product will sell and that involves looking at what your potential customer needs, how he feels and where he is hurting. This brings us to the next part;

2.Find out what your customer’s main problems are
The trick is that people with problems are almost always too eager to find a solution fast. This makes the best spontaneous buyer that would almost be too happy to depart with his/her money if you provide just a promise that you will solve the problem for them with your product, of coz you must deliver what your promise!

3.Get experts to work for you
There is a huge market of programmers or designers on the internet that are more than happy to help you in the development of your product. You can use a site like Rentacoder, Guru, or Elance to find a talented programmer. Additionally, you can search forums for programmers. In many cases, you can get a high-quality program that fits your specifications for as little as $100.

4.Marketing your product
There are an enormous number of ways in which you can market your product both online and offline, however in this article I’ll just look at marketing online since it is one of the cheapest ways and since your product is Internet based and will compliment the delivery of the product too. Generally, having your own website will be the best option. Make your website easy to understand with a good sales letter, offer good percentage cuts for your affiliates to market your product for you through Clickbank or Commission Junction.

5.Create “Bonuses”, viral in nature.
Most Internet based products should have some bonuses that come with the product when the client purchases it. There are two purposes to these bonuses, firstly it’s to make the buyer happy that he got a bargain with so many extras with the product. Secondly, these bonuses are very good viral marketing tools too. You can either release the publication for open distribution with many links back to your website or you can also get the buyer to re-sale your product in the Multi-Level-Marketing manner.

6.Brand and market yourself
Some people like staying anonymous on the internet but to really succeed in selling your product, you must also sell yourself to be the expert in the product’s field. It may seem better to just make a persona to market certain products but to be blatantly straight, personas never come across as genuine and thus will have a negative impact on the product your are selling.

So, now armed with these tips, go out and make an effort to develop and sell your product, the internet is ripe for the picking!



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