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A Manual To Camping With Children


The age of your child is a big factor when deciding whether it is time for you to take them camping with you. If you have a baby, it is best to take into consideration camping at a location with power, so that you can still warm up the baby’s bottles for his or her milk. Just bring the important things. You may think that you need to bring the baby’s room with you, but the reality of camping with a baby is a lot simpler. Plan out how many days you are going to be at the campsite, and pack accordingly with enough diapers, formula, bottles, wipes and clothing for the exact number of days only.

Since you have been camping before, it may be time to upgrade your equipment to include the kids. A two man tent is not going to cut it for much longer, especially if you have older kids. Toddlers and babies are going to need a shelter with a screen so they can play inside safely and not risk getting too much sun. It will also keep the children in if mom or dad is busy with other things. A family size tent can be purchased with the extras you need, not to mention more spacious sleeping room than that old two man tent could ever give.

Nature can be an exciting playground for your children to explore, for any age. Toddlers should be given more attention, of course, but making them aware of camping and hiking safety is a top priority. Informing them on how to utilize their equipments, as well as teaching them why they should not wander off should also be on top of the list. Telling them all about where they will be going is also important, if for any reason to get them excited about what fun you all will be having on the trip.

Older kids should have plenty of activities available to them on the trip, more than just hiking with dad or sitting around the campsite with mom. The regular teen is a very social being, so finding a site with a nearby park is actually a great idea. Larger camp sites that have recreation areas or swimming zones are also good for keeping teenagers happy and smiling. Letting your kids help plan the trip will also keep them involved, especially if there are activities they really want to do.

Another option for camping with kids to double the fun by camping out with close friends or other family members. It gives more option of entertainment and looking after your kids, especially when the both of you would want to wander on your own. Bringing along games and toys for maximum fun will also help make this trip an adventure for the kids to remember and want to repeat year after year.



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