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A Mother's Love is priceless


Mother’s love is countless and meaningful. Her virtuous of kindness is hardly repaid by any precious things in this world. Her deep parental kindness in bringing us up and the hardships she has gone through will never be repaid as they are priceless. In other words, her love for her child is endless! Moms are ever important in those first few months and years! Mothers love is a kind of natural feeling…

I’ve lived on this earth for 22 years and I’ve weathered many personal storms.  I’ve lived the glamorous life and there were times when the ends just weren’t there. I’ve stood at death’s door and miraculously walked through it.  I’ve loved and been loved in return by some of the most brilliant men that God ever created, I lost my father from my life. Throughout it all – I had God standing by, gently guiding me and encouraging me to get up and face the day.

I meet people and they tell me. “Samninder, you are so strong.”  I’m really not that strong.  I’m a descendant of many strong women before me. If I’m strong – I received it by default.  It’s in my DNA.  I am fortunate – no – I am blessed to have been raised by a woman who never showed fear.  She never backed down from anything or anyone .She gave me identity, pride, and the ability to survive in a world. Growing up, there were times when we bumped heads.

There is no greater love than the love of a Mother. I am so far from my mother, she is in India and I am in Canada.I miss her a lot in every single moment. There are times, even now, when I don’t feel well and I pick up the phone and call my Mother.  As soon as I hear her voice I revert to a child, “Mummy, I don’t feel good.”  And in her loving fashion, she makes everything alright for me with her love.   She has been the stronghold of my life and in some strange way I just always expect her to be here.

She did everything from my childhood to present day, she is my life, she care me a lot because I am her only child, I always see God in my mother, I look in the mirror every morning and all I can see is her.  I am her daughter!

“I’ll always love my Mother – You only get one”



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