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A New Way to Organize Your Cd/dvd Collection


Are you a movie fan? Have thousands of MP3 songs? Hundreds of CDs and DVDs occupying your shelves? Stop clutter from building up and organize your collection while it’s not too late!

InfoLayout (http://www.trietech.com/) helps you organize your entire collection of movies, music, and eBooks in no time. The new CD/DVD cataloger makes browsing and searching your entire collection a blast. To make it easier to navigate through your collection of films and videos, InfoLayout creates thumbnails for movies and videos and stores them right on your hard drive, making them fast to load and accessible even without the original CD or DVD.

Thousands of songs are easy to organize as InfoLayout extracts MP3 tags automatically, making it quick and simple to organize your tunes or look up any one of them by its name, artist, category, or other parameters.

Catalog your entire library of eBooks by creating a virtual library! InfoLayout indexes each and every text on the discs to allow you to perform full-text searches on your entire collection of eBooks without inserting a single CD or DVD. InfoLayout supports plain text, eBooks, and documents in many formats.

Too many files to browse or search? Disc labels no longer helping you find what you need? InfoLayout organizes your entire collection of discs, files and multimedia in no time! The innovative disc cataloger organizes your CD and DVD collection into a tree-like structure for easy browsing, navigating and searching. The many movies and video clips you might have are represented with still frame thumbnails conveniently stored on the local hard disk for quick loading and easy navigation.

Your entire collection of music is easy to organize with InfoLayout. Browse the contents of your entire collection at once no matter how many CDs or DVDs you have! InfoLayout automatically extracts and indexes MP3 tags to allow you to search tunes by the artist, song name, or other parameters in just seconds.

Compressed your data to save disc space? No problem. InfoLayout enters and indexes 7z, arj, bz2, cab, cpio, deb, gz, lzh, rar, rpm, tar, z, and zip archives as if they were folders, and supports nested archives.

Using InfoLayout is fast, easy and convenient. Developed just recently, InfoLayout implements modern trends in user interface design, making the CD cataloger truly usable. The fully customizable interface allows you to create your own layout, bookmark folders and leave notes for files and catalogs. The new CD/DVD organizer has powerful reporting capabilities, and has the ability to produce reports in doc, pdf, html, csv, and many other formats.

Impressed with InfoLayout’s performance? Liked the idea of fast and convenient search of your entire collection? Then index your entire hard drive, and receive the same convenient interface complete with thumbnail and full-text search! InfoLayout organizes files on your hard disks just as easily as it does on CDs and DVDs



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