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Ab Circle Pro Reviews – Can This Help You Shed Belly Fat


Have you seen the latest ab product to hit the market that claims to develop your abs in a fun and easy way? It’s called the Ab Circle Pro and it’s been all over the Internet and TV commercials and it’s getting a lot of attention. Don’t go out and get it just yet there some information below that you should know.

You might think, that’s all we needed another ab machine. I said the same thing when I first saw this equipment. So I figured I’d check it out and see what all the buzz was about.

At first I thought about the swinging motion of the Ab Circle Pro and didn’t believe that it would give you a sufficient core workout. It just didn’t seem like it would work right? Well it appears I may have been wrong about my initial observations. Just comes to show, looks can be deceiving.

Who Is this Machine For?

This machine is for you if you are slightly overweight or carry around extra weight around the midsection. If you are already ripped and already have an established ab routine, you may not get a lot of benefit from this machine. Chances are you are a little too advance and will not really require additional core training.

However, if you know you need to tighten up your core because you are either heavy in the stomach and really need to tone up, then you should get this. After only a few minutes on the machine rotating from side to side, you will feel your abdominal core muscles getting a nice “ab burn.” The steady motion will not only work your ab muscles but also the muscles on your side called obliques. As you move faster and faster you will increase your heart rate which means you’re burning more calories.

By simply changing the pin position, you can start working your buns and thighs. By rotating your knees on the pads and rocking them up in the semi circle motion, you will feel a nice burn letting you know it’s working. Obviously if you speed it will determine how fast you burn calories.

Is The Ab Circle Pro Worth It?

The Ab Circle Pro customer reviews turned out to be surprising and positive for this piece of equipment. It’s important to note that the MAIN BENEFIT of the equipment is that you’re able to train your abs without risking injury to your back or neck. In my opinion anytime you can take the stress away from the back and neck but still work the core then you have a winning combination.

So if you are already ripped then don’t worry about getting this equipment. However if you need to lose fat around your stomach and shed a few inches, the answer to does the Ab Circle Pro really work is yes.



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