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Adding Music on Your Website, Myspace, or Facebook Pages is Easy


There are numerous ways to add music onto your website, blog, MySpace, Facebook, or any other social networking sites. The most commonly method is embedding. You don’t need to use javascript to add music. A simple HTML script will get the job done.

Step one:

Find a midi, mp3 or wav file that you would like to use. It’s preferable that you use your own original music. However, you can also find music that is not copyrighted, or music with the owner’s permission to embed and stream. Or you may use Ucombo.com to get free original music in MP3 for embedding.

Step two:

Decide whether you want the background music starts playing as soon as your page is opened or the visitor has a choice to opt out the music. If you want a direct playing, simply embed the HTML code that you get from Ucombo.com onto the web page where you want to place the small console. If you prefer to give visitors “Music by Choice”, then upload the music file onto your server, and place the a simple HTML active link code onto the page where you want the link to be placed.

The advantage of embedding the HTML code from a free third party music site like Ucombo is that you will not need to use your own bandwidth. If your site gets large amount of traffic, a third party music provider is the better choice. You can use their bandwidth even though the music is playing on your own website. Plus you have the option of changing the music frequently so your visitors will always hear new and original music composed and recorded by professional musicians.

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