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Advantages of Whole Leaf Teas over Tea Bags – A Critical Analysis


People love what is easy or can be easily obtained. This is true of every case, even in case of the most beloved beverage – Darjeeling tea. They like to enjoy this beverage but in an easy way and that is why, consumers, these days, prefer tea bags than whole leaf variety.  However, expert opinion says Darjeeling loose leaf tea is much better than the bags and also has greater nutritive value. Hence, it is better to switch to this traditional form.

Let’s find out why whole leaf blends are of superior quality. Have a look –

Whole Leaf or Loose Leaf Blends vs. Tea Bags

As the name suggests, loose leaf variety consists of unbroken whole leaves. More the leaf retains its shape, better will be the taste of the brew. On the contrary, bags consist of low quality fannings and dust of tea. Since these bags contain small pieces of the beverage, they get large surface area and hence, greater chance for all essential oils and nutritive values to evaporate while brewing. Thus, the drinker ends up having a stale and less aromatic and flavored cup of brew.

Darjeeling tea bags lack the freshness, exotic aroma and flavor that one finds in whole leaf Darjeeling tea. The difference between the two can be recognized well at the time of steeping. Whole leaf requires space for steeping because it absorbs water and gradually expands during infusion, thereby, releasing its flavor completely.

Moreover, when a person steeps loose leaf blends, water flows through its leaves and extracts several minerals and vitamins together with the distinct aroma of the leaves. On the other hand, steeping whole leaf tea in bags limits the space for infusion and hence, it does not yield a flavorful cup of brew. So, companies filled bags with small particles of the blend. This increases infusion rate and offers a flavorful cup of brew but it is not at all a quality brew.

Darjeeling whole leaf organic blendshave great health benefits because of the nutritive value that they retain. Nowadays, many people are switching loose leaf variety from the bags. Tea filters are now available from reputed companies, which make the brewing of this variety pretty easy like that of the tea bags. Therefore, now, brewing loose leaf blends has also become convenient – the reason why people preferred tea bags more than the whole leaf ones. So, which variety to pick?



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