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Afterlife Materialism


What will you do with your materialism when you pass?

It is a reality that our world is driven by materialism, which unfortunately is a very real cause of distention between people. It is my belief that it has also caused problems between families nations and countries. How much longer do we need to continue on this path of destruction. Rather than being happy for an individual achieving something, whether It be wealth or success. Most individuals create a deep hatred and distain for that person. It is this negative emotion that multiplies like a cancer through the body and throughout the world. I was witness to the jealousy between several individuals because of the material issues surrounding them. Where is the joy in seeing someone happy? Let’s face facts, you cannot take the wealth with you or your material benefits from the earth plane. Money is a benefit that is steeped in evil, yet it is not the money that causes it, but the greed of the individual.

If your soul has to fly, to be free and untainted by the bonds of materialism in this plane, it should disregard the heavy chains of materiality and instead seek a balance between what is needed, desired and provided. When you eventually pass to the other side of life, there will be no need to have these trinkets around you. They will not pay for your wrong doings and cannot weigh the balance of your karmic debt. You will not enter into nirvana because you have an appropriate fee. Your wealth is truly measured by your inner being and your soul.

There are those who will give to charity, not out of love for their fellow being, but out of a sense of duty, because it makes them look better in the eyes of their own materially driven counterparts. Your soul cannot lie and will only tell the truth. Can you give your last penny out of your pocket to someone in need, or does it make you feel good to give the a few dollars out of your bulging wallet. Prayer is also a good currency but should of course be given with love. I would rather see the smile on someone who truly feels it when you help them. There are far more commodities in life than money and at the end of the day, it is only energy. However, like anything in life, there is good energy and bad energy. It is your choice how you will use this energy. We are governed by energy only because we allow it, yet It is one cancer where the cure seems so elusive, though it is there.

Another unfortunate circumstance of our materially driven lives is that a great percentage of the human race live constantly through their eyes. We need to look with the eyes of spirit and not the eyes of a merchant. If we live a heart centered life, and allow ourselves to consider our spiritual benefits, surely we would be far richer. I fully understand that one has to live and to pay their way in life. The truth is that even though the universe has given every one the right to be abundant and ensured their is enough to go around – not a sense of lack. There are those that, by their greed, cause suffering to others. Before long, things are out of control and everyone begins to suffer. Before long, I know that mother nature will balance what is out of balance and she can be a loving allie or a fearsome enemy. Amassing wealth can only darken the soul if it causes suffering, but amassing wealth and benefitting others can of course change the course from destruction to living. Perhaps it is time to become more mindful of the cancer that is materialism.

Written by Jock Brocas



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