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Ajj De Ranjhe – A Review


We are a part of an era when Punjabi Cinema, with films like Jatt & Juliet, Ainve Roula Pae gaya, Carry on Jatta, Ajj De Ranjhe and the like, is witnessing a super successful run at the box office, thereby raising the bar for the so called poor cousin of Bollywood – the regional Punjabi cinema.

While Punjab Police is often considered synonymous with corruption and absenteeism, overlooking the need of the hour and promoting crime, here comes the latest satirical flick by the virtual God of Punjabi Cinema, Sardar Manmohan Singh – “Ajj De Ranjhe”. The film is all set to change the image of Punjab police by giving it a makeover and depicting the brighter side of the Police. It is a light comical presentation that makes the audience admire Manjit Singh Phirki (Waraich), a former hockey player, given honorary designation of SHO – Fatehgarh Sahib on account of his meritorious performance in the National Sport of India, Hockey. Gurpreet Ghuggi as SHO Manjit Singh Phirki has once again given a mind-blowing performance. He has proved it to the globe that humor is something that comes naturally to him. His comic timing is incredible and worth an applause. He makes his audience laugh their guts out by giving one of his most hilarious performances ever. A salute to the man who changes the perception of Punjab Police with his comedy and sensitivity, thereby helping the youth of the state come back on track and the common man breathe peacefully.

In a film that showcases a rich satire on Punjab Police, Manji, as Sardar Manmohan Singh is often referred to, has given an extremely natural portrayal of the gen-next lover boys who can go to any length to woo their beloved. Ambar, played by the doe-eyed hunk of Indian Cinema, with a smile that can kill masses, Aman Dhaliwal has spilled magic with his romance on celluloid. His entry in the film created a stir and left the audience in a dizzy. He has once again given a performance that has females drooling over him. Aman has displayed versatility in his work by breaking the shackles of being stereo-typed as a villainous character. He has given such a display of talent by portraying the rough and tough jatt of Punjab and the soft and caring romantic hero that any girl can fall in love with, all at the same time with equal ease and comfort. He surely has all the ingredients in just the right quantity to make it big in the world of glamour. Ambar represents the youth of today, who despite degrees and educated backgrounds, struggle to get jobs merely because their influential fathers are too principled to recommend them to people of position. He does not enjoy very cordial relations with his father merely because of his jobless avatar. Ajj De Ranjhe is a beautiful depiction of how pure love can lead the so called “Mundheer” (jobless – useless flirts) to slog hard for the sake of their love and help burst the most complicated drug scam, all due to their zeal and enthusiasm. Amber falls in love with Kranti, a strong, virile and domineering reporter from a reputed TV channel, played by the fair and pretty Gurleen Chopra. She has done well to represent the youth of today, with gleam in her eyes and fire in her belly to get to sensitive issues affecting the common man and also bursting a drug racket of one of Punjab’s most influential and affluent Landlords, Sucha Singh, played by the seasoned and fantabulous actor Deep Dhillon – with Kajal in his eyes, numerous rings on his fingers and bangles on his wrists. He is shown to have great connection with the high Police officials and the Ministry on account of his riches and stature, who let go of any charges framed against him. However, with the advent of Manjit Singh Phirki and initiative taken by the young and energetic Kranti and Ambar along with the foreign returned love interest of Phirki, played by the gorgeous Kimi Verma, Punjab Police and the famous TV Channel burst the Drug scam and unveiled the acts of Sucha Singh – the biggest drug smuggler of Punjab and the man behind the sad state of half the population of the land of five rivers where majority houses are victims of drug addicts and health hazards due to the same, thereby arresting him and his yankie son.

Gurleen has played the character of Kranti reasonably well, however, she could have done better as there were patches of over-acting and being over shadowed by the talent of Gurpreet Ghuggi, Deep Dhillon and Aman Dhaliwal. She looked a little aged for the male lead, Ambar played by Aman. However, she looked stunning in varied outfits, danced well and did justice to her character, definitely inspiring the young females to outclass their male counterparts in fields stereo-typed for men alone.

All in all, a great film, with decent music, especially the title track, “Ajj De Ranjhe” and “Pata Nahio Kyun” which added to the fizz of the film; definitely worth a watch (or more). Yet another masterpiece from the ace director and Cinematographer, referred to as the Renaissance Man by Economic Times,  Sardar Manmohan Singh with power-packed dialogues from comedy king, Rana Ranbir, well appreciated by the likes of Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal, who was the Guest of Honor at the Premiere of the film. A major achievement for the film has been the fact that besides releasing worldwide, in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Countries, USA, UK etc., it got a nod from the authorities in Pakistan for a simultaneous release.

Lead actor of the film Aman Dhaliwal promoting the film overseas



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