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An Unusual Way to Maintain the Marriage


A project called British cohort study followed up 1.6 million people both of whom were born at the same week in 1970. The collected data on men sharing household chores, procurement, children care within the first few weeks. Based on the data, Wendy Rushton, senior lecturer in social policy areas from London Economics and Political Science, investigated 3500 couples which were still not divorced after the child was born five years. Among these family, 33% of women were professional women, 51% of men didn’t or can only take on one of the tasks showed above. 24% of them took two tasks and 25% of them had strong sense of responsibility, took all the three tasks. Finally, the survey showed the relation between divorce and what the role have wife and husband played in family. The family that wife does the housekeeping and her husband doesn’t do any housework is easily likely to get divorced.

Economists paid close attention to the divorce rate and whether women go out for work. Times in the British quoted the words of Wendy Rushton, which is they are less concerned about the performance of men. Rushton noted the role of men in the family. According to the survey, when men do more housework while women go out to work, it would not increase the risk of divorce. What’s more, regardless of whether women go out to work, once men share the housework, the marriages become stronger. “Although that women go out to work may affect the stability of the family,” she said,” but the risk of divorce will be greatly reduced with whether men share household chores.” Wendy Rushton believed that the traditional family pattern that men work out and women stay at home has gone. Since 1975, many women went out to work, which lead to the changes of the labor market structure and the traditional concepts of gender roles had being challenged.

“In the past from economics and sociology, we paid much emphasis on the factors of women work outside, lack of attention to domestic factors.” Rushton said, “Our study put the emphasis on men’s performance in the marriage.” At the same time, Macromill, an organization of internet survey in Japan, has released its survey which showed that it helped to solid marriage if men did more housework.



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