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Android GPS App – How to Secretly Track a Cheating Spouse Using an Android GPS App


Worried about relationship cheating? Is he constantly telling you that he is away on a business trip, but are you having doubts about his whereabouts at the very same time? Or has he become increasingly distant recently, claiming that he is always busy at work, but you have your reservations over those claims as well? Well, if your spouse uses a phone that utilizes the Android OS, I might just have a proposition that might interest you to help you locate the whereabouts of your spouse.

The Android GPS app is what I am talking about. Also known as the Android tracking-location app, this software would give you the opportunity to locate your spouse with the use of a small detector within any cell phone that uses the Android OS. The mobile phones that uses the Android OS include some of the hottest and newest phones in the market today such as the HTC DROID Incredible, the Nexus One, the Verizon DROID, MyTouch 3G, the Motorola BackFlip, and other stunning mobile phones. Thus if your spouse uses one of these mobile phones, this option would definitely be something that you can explore!

The concept is pretty simple. Once you successfully install the Android GPS application onto the mobile phone in question, the software would be able to locate the location of the owner of the mobile phone, and the coordinates are saved onto GPS logs. These GPD logs are then uploaded to an account that is maintained online, and you would then be able to access this account whenever you want to check on the exact location of the mobile phone in question. The advantage of this app is the fact that you can remain hidden while you check on your spouse, thus there would be no suspicion from his point of view even when he is being tracked. This makes it a fool-proof way to check on your spouse, and if he is indeed cheating, you can catch him red-handed, but if he is not, then you can have the reassurance of him being loyal to you.

Amongst the advantages of this Android tracking app include a quick installation process that is also amazingly easy to execute. The tracking app is also small, and you simply type in a URL that is provided by the vendor to you, and you would be able download the software immediately to the mobile phone in question. And the fact that we carry our phones everywhere we go makes it easy for us to track our spouses no matter where they are! Extremely easy to use, the Android GPS App is also affordably priced. Once you have the tracking software in place, you do not have to tough your spouse’s phone anymore, instead simple log onto your notebook and browse through the GPS logs at your convenience.

If you are interested in this application, head to Google and launch a search on ‘Android GPS app’ or ‘Android GPS spy software’, and detect the vendor closest to you immediately to arrange for a purchase. You would not be paying more than $150, thus rest assured that you would be able t otrack your spouse immediately once you have the Android GPS app installed without having to spend a fortune on private investigators or other solutions.

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