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Android Spy App – How Android Spy Apps Can Catch A Cheating Spouse


Android spy app is a mobile monitoring, tracking, and spying software application which is utilized to spy on Android cell phones using the Android OS, such as the Motrola Droid, Nexus One phones. 

The way Android spy apps work, is that a individual should download the Android spy app directly into the Android device. This can be accomplished via the cell phone’s internet browser. 

Immediately after the Android spy app is downloaded and set up, the Android app becomes undetectable and straight away starts to secretly records a range of information (call logs, SMS messages, GPS locations), and then anonymously uploads all the info to an world-wide-web account. All of this happens in the background, while the person is using their phone. 

The individual that installed the software, can now log into their account, and view all the activity recorded on the Android cell phonephone. 

The following is a list of the most typical capabilities found on Android spy apps

  • Listen To Calls – Using an Android spy app, you can secretly listen to calls made from the Android phone you are monitoring.
  • Remote Monitoring – Some Android spy apps also enable you to secretly listen in on the surroundings of the Android phone.
  • Stealth GPS Tracking – With Stealth GPS tracking, it is possible to secretly monitor the GPS coordinates of the person you are spying on. Areas are captured and uploaded in fifteen minute intervals, giving you a obvious image exactly where the Android user is. Locations are then shown using Google Maps.
  • View Photos – This Android spy app feature enables you to secretly view photos stored on the Android device.
  • Secretly Read Text Messages – All SMS messages which are received or sent from the Android cell are secretly recorded. Full contents of each message are recorded along with the time and date sent.
  • View Call History Logs – This Android spy app feature will enable you to secretly read all incoming/outgoing call details of the cellular cellphone. In addition to the call information, the name stored in the phone’s contact list / address book that is assocated to the number in the call logs will be shown. This will give you some insight into the name they are assigning that number.

What are the reasons why someone would want to use Android spy phone apps? Here are a some of the most well known reasons.

* Catch A Suspected Cheating Spouse: The most common reason why somebody purchases Android spy apps, is to spy on their spouse or partner. With Android Spy phone software, a concerned spouse can easily find out the truth and determine if their partner is indeed being faithful. The great thing about Android spy apps is it enables a suspicious spouse to not only track their cheating spouse, but also listen to their calls, surroundings, and read their text messages.  If their spouse is indeed having an affair, an Android spy app will uncover the truth.  It’s not “if” they will get caught, it’s “when” it will happen.  There is no way a cheating spouse can escape the powerful spy features found on an Android spy app.

Other features include….

* Monitor Children Cell Use: For parents who are concerned about their teen’s cellular use, or need a way to monitor their children, an Android spy app is a perfect choice. Maybe they are worried their teen is involved in a prohibited activity or they want to make sure that their teen is where they are supposed to be, with Android spy phone software, all of this is possible. 

* Worker Monitoring: Android spy apps could also be used to watch cell use on company provided telephones. In certain industries, more buyer communiction is occuring on cell telephones through texts. Without knowing what is being said and / or not being able to have a record of the communication might be in violation of compliance rules and  laws. Also, in the event of a potential suit, not having records of particular customer communication may put the company in peril. With this type of software installed on company provided cell phones, bosses can keep records of such activity. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, Android spy phone software is really a cell phone monitoring & tracking application that’s used for a range of reasons to observe a person using an Android cellphone. Even though not everyone will agree with some of the reasons for wanting to spy on an Android cell phone, it’s up to the individual who purchases the software program to choose the best use. 

It really doesn’t matter what your reason is, Android spy phone software do work, and is the only way to secretly spy on and monitor on a Android cellphone.

If you want more information, check out www.androidspy.com



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