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Are you a woman traveling alone? This is your checklist


If you are a woman who travels abroad alone, read below some of the things you need to keep in mind in order to get back home safe.

People who travel on business to the same country frequently, they usually get a feel of the country and often pick up some local phrases. But unfamiliar places are also frightening, especially if you are a woman travelling alone. To feel safe and to enjoy solo travelling, follow the checklist below.

Day travelling is safer. In many cities airport buses and trains don’t run on a 24 hours schedule, so in order to avoid having to walk through unfamiliar dark areas looking for a taxi in the middle of the night to get you to the hotel, schedule a flight that will get you to your destination during the day.

To avoid attracting unwanted attention, do some research before you go to find out the proper clothing requirements for foreign women travelling to the country. Also, learn something about the culture of the country you will be visiting and what gestures such as eye contact, a handshake or smiling may mean. Making eye contact in certain countries is considered disrespectful and small talk or a smile which you may think are friendly, innocent gestures, in some countries may be interpreted as a come-on.

When going out, you should study your route carefully so as to avoid getting lost and walking around aimlessly and confused. If you look lost and confused you will attract attention and you will become an easy target. If lost, read a road map instead of asking strangers or accepting a stranger’s invitation to take you where you are going.

If you feel lonely, the safest company will be other women or families. To discourage strangers from approaching you during leisure periods, read a book or write postcards to friends back home, but if a stranger still harasses you and faking ignorance doesn’t work, make a scene or walk away.

A few contacts in the city you will be visiting can make you fell less lonely and safer , so before you go, use the hotel’s mingling website where you will be staying to connect with other business travellers who will be staying at the same hotel during the same period.

So if you are a woman traveling alone, follow these simple rules which will help you during your travel and get you back home safely.



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