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Atlanta Parents Can Keep Track Of Their Kids With Wireless Internet


It is the number one rule for all Atlanta children whenever visiting a friends house after school or having a sleep over: call home. It is a simple request, but kids always find it to be such a pain in the neck to take those five minutes to pick up the phone and talk to their mothers, letting them know where they are.

Back in the day, before cell phones, checking in with the parents was even more of an issue. Kids who may not have gone to a friends house directly after class, who may have had a slice of pizza or saw a movie first, would get an ear full the second that voice on the other end started screaming. Atlanta mothers have a specific time frame; if kids break it, they pay. Plus, with caller ID as the big technological innovation, parents always knew where their kids were and if they were lying about their location.

When cell phones finally hit the scene, it initially took a while for kids to start carrying them. Many parents fought the urge, believing that the home phone of a friend’s house was superior. Eventually, they were swayed, since a cell phone is the best way to get in contact with anyone if an emergency were to occur. And as a bonus for the children, they could now easily lie to their parents about their whereabouts, informing them that they were at a friend’s house when they were actually at a party a few blocks away.

As technological development continued, mobile broadband came out and brought with it the era of the smart phone. Now, these cell phones that Atlanta parents buy for their children are compatible with the current 4G network and can access email as well as navigate the Web. And with mothers and fathers normally buying themselves one as well, they are starting to get the hang of the wireless Internet world. Instead of calling their kids, they are texting or instant messaging them.  If meeting the kids for dinner at a restaurant, they are emailing them with the address and directions on how to arrive.

Yet, all this communication development has not necessarily been in a forward direction, some has caused things to revert back to the past. As already stated, cell phones allowed kids to easily lie to their parents about where they were.  If a child was supposed to call his mother after a movie when he arrived at his friend’s house, what was to stop him from simply calling her on the way to a concert 20 miles out of town? They would have been none the wiser.  Since wireless Internet and 4G networks download information at such a fast rate, parents can easily find out if their kids are lying. Many service providers, in fact, include GPS services either on the actual phones or on their Web sites, so parents can enter in their child’s number and immediately discover their whereabouts.  

So, one thing that has resulted from this easier accessibility in child-parent communication is the return of truth telling. Which in all truth – no pun intended – is more than any mother or father could have hoped for.



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