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AT&T U-verse TV Technology: How U-Verse Works


AT&T Uverse service transmits data and high definition television via fiber optic technology. Fiber optic data transmission uses glass or plastic strands to carry digital signals across longer distances – and unlike coaxial cable or standard phone line (DSL) does not degrade as quickly over long distances. Since fiber optics are based on light bursts, there is also an increase in speed and bandwidth, so much so that high definition TV, data, and voice signals are easily handled simultaneously (and with less interference) along the same strand.

What this means to a U-verse subscriber

Basically, this faster, cleaner signal capability means that you can enjoy phenomenal sound and picture quality, enhanced data rates while surfing the web, and clearer phone conversations than traditional like copper wiring or coaxial cable. Also, AT&T broadcasts TV in completely digital format.

Congress mandates all-digital television broadcasting by June 12, 2009

In an effort to free up wireless and public safety frequencies (such as fire, police, and emergency rescue), federal law required that by mid-year 2009 all over-the-air TV broadcasts adopt a digital broadcasting as the new carrier standard. To maintain compliance, consumers will slowly have to transition to a receiver/TV that can handle digital signaling (most modern TV’s already have this.) Also, since standard analog signals will be outmoded, there will be a search to find a quality service provider that utilizes digital technology.

Where AT&T U-verse sits regarding Digital TV

By nature of fiber optic transmission, U-verse is compliant with the new standards as it is completely digital is signal. The U-verse TV service will also work well with both older and newer TV sets ‘out of the box’ due to both analog and digital connection options for both television set types. Included in the receiver functionality is DVR, (or digital video recording) capability which can record up to 133 hours of standard definition television, or 37 hours of high definition programming.

The AT&T U-verse receiver features are now state of the art, and not only include the ability to set up recording from any internet capable device (ie; via work or other location away from home) but also these capabilities:

  • Record up to four programs at the same time.
  • Access, playback, and control the same recorded show independently on up to 4 TVs
  • Program your DVR from a remote location.
  • Pause a recorded show from any receiver and watch it from where you left off in another room.
  • On-screen program guide with 14-day look-ahead feature.
  • Access your Video on Demand library anytime.
  • On-screen parental control.

AT&T U-verse TV Remotes

With AT&T U-verse TV, you have a choice of two remote control devices: Standard and Easy Find.

AT&T U-verse TV Standard Remote Control

The Standard Remote Control is compatible with all AT&T U-verse TV receivers. Standard remote control features include:

  • Universal infrared remote control can control up to 3 additional devices.
  • Backlit to work well in low-light conditions.
  • Convenient, one-button access to the U-verse features you use most often: Record, Guide, Menu, and Video on Demand.

AT&T U-verse TV Easy Find Remote Control (Model A10)

The innovative AT&T U-verse TV Easy Find Remote Control puts you in charge of home entertainment. The Easy Find Remote Control is equipped with locating, learning, and recharging capabilities, and is compatible with all U-verse TV receivers.

The Easy Find Remote Control combines advanced features and convenience that you have come to expect from AT&T, including:

  • Locate your misplaced U-verse TV remote quickly with the touch of a single button that causes the remote to beep and flash.
  • The Easy Find Remote Control is environmentally-friendly with its rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months on a single charge.
  • Get rid of extra remotes. The Easy Find Infrared Remote Control allows you to program up to three other devices. It even learns from your other remote controls.

Additional Features: The base of the Easy Find Remote Control has a built-in clock with dimming feature. The remote is backlit for use in low light conditions and has one-button-access to the U-verse TV features you use most frequently.

Enjoy digital video recording (DVR) capabilities, access to over 85 High Definition channels, choice programming, Video on Demand, and a crystal-clear picture when you subscribe to U-verse TV.

For more information, point your browser to www.att-services.net.

R. Bierling writes technical information and articles about broadband and communications. Check reviews on vonage-faq.com or att-services.net for more information.



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