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Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Eye Infections


Infections of the eyes can happen when harmful microorganisms such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria invade the any structure of the eyes and/or its surrounding area. These structures can include the eye’s clear top layer or cornea and the conjunctiva which is the moist membranes of the eyelids.

Serious infections can even lead to the penetration of the deep and interior structures of the eyes resulting to sight-threatening infections such as endophthalmitis. In post septal cellulitis, the infection can be commonly found along the soft tissues of the eyelids can become a case of emergency since this condition can quickly spread unless treated.

Fungal keratitis is one type of eye infection that made headlines in the year 2006 when a particular contact lens cleaning solution was linked to the outbreak of this particular condition among wearers of contact lenses. It is said that the outbreak was closely associated with a fungi called Fusarium that can be commonly found in organic matter. The Fusiarium along with other types of fungi can also invade and penetrate the eyes through penetrating injuries caused by objects like a sharp tree branch.

The acanthamoeba keratitis is primarily caused by acanthamoeba parasites found in the soil, outdoor water sources like the lakes, sea water, and streams, and also hot tubs, pools, and tap water. Contact lens wearers have the higher risk for encountering these kinds of infection since it can easily trap the parasites between the eyes and the lens. The contacts should be cleaned and disinfected properly at the most accurate periods.

The endophthalmitis is a dangerous and serious kind of infection that can penetrate the interior of the eyes causing blindness as a result of the lack of immediate treatment of potent antibiotics. Any penetrating injuries to the eyes may result to endophthalmitis if not treated. Molds can even precipitate the rise of this codition.

Conjuctivitis or pink eye is one of the most common an highly contagious type of eye infection found to have spread in many children with similar environments such as the classrooms. This infection can be of bacterial or viral in origin. This can also infect newborns who have been delivered by a mother with a sexually transmitted disease.

So anytime an infection is suspected, it would be very helpful to visit the eye doctor austin for correct diagnosis and prompt treatment. Self-diagnosis is not an option that anyone should resort to. It can delay effective treatment and can potentially cause more harm. The eye doctor austin have certified and trusted optometrists to help patients get the right care and treatment for all kinds of infections affecting the eyes.



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