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Benefits of hand coding a website


A developer can design a web page in three different ways. One is by hand coding the website, other by using the “What you see is what you get” editor program and the last one is the combination of both

But this article will deal about the hand coding method. It is very important to know at least some functionality about the code that the WYSIWYG program generates for you. Since some basic knowledge about the HTML will help one to create a survey or feedback form

If any individual or companies want to create a top quality websites and they want to value their professional image investment hand coded websites will best suit them. Since hand coding does not depend on the pre-built template, the web designer and web developers have the full control over the code structure of the websites. Hand coded websites are constructed with the help of CSS and HTML which helps to get more flexible design which is suitable for any monitor resolution

Nothing can beat the line by line coding by hand though there are many automated programs which will provide you with the readymade codes in no time. At the other side hand coding is not an easy task. There are people who support the hand coding process and people who support automated programs for website creation. Here you can find some advantages and disadvantages of hand coding for a website

Advantages of Hand Coding

The main advantage of writing the code by hand will help one to get a great knowledge and understanding of what they are doing. This will also help you to know the intricate details and support structure of the developed websites. So it will be easy for you to locate and solve the problems that may arise. For example if you don’t know how the tags are named and the elements are used then it will be very difficult for you to format the elements. So to get a thorough understanding of the intricate details you have to go through the whole code. So when you have it hand coded the website then this will be very easy for you

Apart from knowing the intricate details you can develop your website efficiently. Since you know what has to be done and also know how to write the code for it. However, when you use a “what you see is what you get” editor you will get lot of extra codes that are not useful. This will create many problems for the developers. At the same time the extra codes might slow down the site loading speed and many such problems may arise. So it is common that you have to go to the root to figure what is wrong and to fix it

Disadvantages of Hand Coding

Though there are many advantages for hand coding a website, there are certain disadvantage that prevent the web developers and designers to avoid using them

The first is that to hand code a website efficiently, the web developer and designer has to learn the whole language and they must be well versed in the same. This is the main disadvantage of hand coding since it will take a long time for a person to learn and develop fluency in some particular language. At the same time one should have a professional tutor teaching them all the cores of the web language

Then hand coding will take a lot of time. When you sit to write the code line by line then you will take long time and you will also make few mistakes here and there which you will be correcting simultaneously



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