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Beth Moore: Major Christian Impact


Beth was one of five kids. She was born on an Army base in Wisconsin during a horrible thunderstorm. Her father affectionately says the Lord brought Beth into the world with a drum roll, I can see that. If you were a writer like me, you would say, “She has been creating storms of spiritual impact for thousands of Christians and churches worldwide ever since.” Army Major Daddy started managing a local movie theater after he retired, where all his children eventually worked.You might say, God hid stories and drama in a movie seat cause He knew Beth would need it later. I mean if you were a writer you’d say that =)

The movies she saw during her childhood inspired her great love for storytelling. She loved to listen to, write, and repeat them, and soon the stories began to become her own. As an author I can relate. We have a golden rule about that – the first time I quote you or tell a story, I have to credit you by name as the source, “Alfred Morris says..”; the second time I can say, “I heard it said…”; but the third time it’s mine: “Like I always say…” I’m pretty sure Beth plays by those rules, let’s just say some of her stories sound familiar. I find it hard to believe her dog was named Lassie, and she had a brother named Johnboy… you can fill in the jokes from there.

Eventually all the story-telling really was hers. No matter the source Beth’s exceptional skills connect with women (and men) when she speaks. You will not forget one of her sessions – If you have the opportunity to go, go!

Amazing Passion Comes From An Unmistakable Calling

The story that led to her lifelong mission was the one she heard in church Sunday School. Beth discovered God loved her enough to save her and was willing to pay the price for her sins. So she trusted this Jesus, Who took time for kids, to plan a great big life for her. Her young heart locked in, and she became passionate about sharing the story with everyone who would sit still long enough. (She doesn’t have that problem now.)

Beth says she knew by 18 God’s calling for her life. She didn’t know what it would look like exactly, but she knew if it was God’s plan, she was on board; college, marriage, and two beautiful daughters were next. In those early years, she spoke at her church’s women’s events, and was a Sunday School volunteer, teaching other kids the love she’d learned as a child. She decided she needed to know more about the Bible and signed up for a class on Bible doctrine. Beth will tell you her teacher’s devotion and soft heart for the Word of God inspired her to become the woman we all know today.

Side note – BIG Lesson: Never underestimate your impact as a teacher.   

Women In The Church Desperately Needed Beth Moore

Beth MooreEventually Beth began sharing what she was learning with other women in a simple weekly Bible study. Beth’s excitement for Scripture, commitment to unity, and unique style were contagious, and the class grew to over 2,000 women.That’s pretty contagious!

She was invited to speak at other Texas churches and approached by LifeWay Christian Resources’ Publishing to start printing her Bible studies. She put together a worship band and began holding conferences around the country, which eventually led to her founding Living Proof Ministries in 1994.The purpose was to teach women how to study their Bibles and live Godly abundant lives.

She is the same dynamic woman every time you hear her. She encourages you to encounter God and generate supportive, encouraging relationships with other women. One of her primary passions is to see a united front of Christ-loving women banded together, living life and serving God. Beth’s live teachings still include lots of stories, and it’s funny how her books seem to jump with them too. She uses quotes, poems, and movies as examples to drive home her points, but still communicates like a storyteller – energetic and passionate, compelling and warm.

Women everywhere have responded; to God and to her, and the ministry has continued growing. Beth has now spoken in all 50 states and dozens of countries to nearly three-quarters of a billion women! Her books and Bible studies have been printed in I-don’t-know-how-many foreign languages and distributed all over the world; including her newest one, So Long Insecurity which I connected above. Women of all cultures, denominations, ages, and walks of life participate in her conferences and studies, which Beth considers one of her biggest blessings. Her heart for women extends past any type of segregation, and she counts it a God-given joy to have such a wide-ranging audience of precious women.

Beth’s Worldwide Impact Is Changing Women’s Hearts

Now, thanks to the web, anyone can participate in Beth Moore’s life. www.lproof.org Is home to her personal blog. If you read it you will see she writes to her readers like every one of them is her closest personal friend. She shares about her family, her husband Keith, her daughters, Amanda and Melissa, and son-in-laws, Curtis and Colin. You get God, ministry, family, food, and fun. Not bad for free. Her love for family and for the women like me is evident in every entry. Ya gotta love Beth!



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