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Box office news & reviews: How they determine the future of movies


Friday is usually the day when movies release at the theatres and their future is decided by the audience. However, before the movies are released at the theatres, special premiers in several leading cities in India and in other parts of the world where the prints of the movie will be distributed to, to ensure market the movie efficiently and effectively. this ensures that it reaches the maximum target audience and encourages them to visit the theatres nearest them and catch up on a show. The media is invited to these premiers, so that they write about the movie, the stars featuring in it and also cover the trivia, gossip relating to the movie and generate Bollywood news. This creates the necessary buzz around the movie and markets it further.

The media attends the premier and reviews and rates the movie for the audience to read in the newspapers and listen to on the news channels, both mainstream news channels and those that broadcast news and information regarding Bollywood, stars and gossip surrounding them. Box office movie reviews talk about the storyline, the music, cinematography, screenplay and all the other important aspects that are the necessary ingredients of a movie.

Bollywood news attracts the attention of a very large part of the audience. there are newspaper supplements of several pages dedicated to Bollywood news, trivia, and nitty-gritty about Bolly stars, their diet, their favourite brands, what they wore to which event, fashion faux pas, wardrobe malfunction, their love life, fashion tips from them, their fashion sense and fashion bloopers. News channels too feature gossip about them to keep the audience entertained with masala news relating to Bollywood at all times. Several people are hooked onto  Bollywood in general and trivia regarding their favourite star, in particular.

The film fraternity waits eagerly for the box office movie reviews as such as the audience who impatiently await the movie release of their favorite stars. The film fraternity expect a good review of their new movie as the reviews influence the target audience to decide whether they should go to watch the movie or give it a miss. Similarly, the audience too banks on the television and newspaper reviews to help them decide whether a particular movie is worth watching or is it better to not waste money and time over watching it. Therefore, Fridays are awaited with bated breath to declare whether the newest release is a hit or a miss.



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