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Break Up Quotes – Two Quotes That Helped Me


Break up quotes can be like a calm little island surrounded by a stormy sea. For most people experiencing a break up with someone you love is gut wrenching . They call it a “broken heart” but sometimes I think it should be called a broken stomach, because it hurts so much in the gut. Also your mind races with anxiety and life is no longer the way you knew it before your ex broke up with you.

Most of us turn to family and good friends for comfort and understanding during a break up. Along with family and friends we will often turn to the Bible or other inspirational books and see what others have to say about there break up and perhaps pick up words of advice. I want to talk about two break up quotes that have meant a lot to me.

The first of the two break up quotes I want to speak of is from, “How To Survive The Loss of A Love”, written by three authors, Peter McWilliams, Harold Bloomfield, and Melba Colgrove. The break up quote I fell in love with is “I am alive. I will survive”. This break up quote brought me a lot of comfort after a particularly tough break up. .

When your world comes undone after your ex leaves you, it often seems like the main concern is not how to get your ex back, but how to get through the end of the day. “I am alive. I will survive” was a breakup quote that did just that, it enabled me to get through to the end of the day. It reminded me that I would make it and survive this if I just kept going.

Now, not all break up quotes are going to relate to everyone. But if you are going through a really tough break up, try saying this break up quote out loud. Take a deep breath and say “I am alive. I will survive”. Break up quotes can be good for the soul and I know this one is for mine.

Another one of my favorite break up quotes I want to share with you is from the e-book, “The Magic Of Making Up” by T.W. Jackson. There are many break up quotes I could have pulled from the book but this one struck a chord for me. “This is the truth: You will not die without your ex. If he/she was your whole life, then you need to improve your life first.” This is one of the those break up quotes that really does speak the truth. This quote is a wake up call to better your life first before getting back into a relationship. When you have balance in your life and are the best you can be, then Mr. or Mrs. Right will come knocking at your door.

It is devastating when your ex leaves you on the curb of life and there you are, all alone. However after a little time of prospective it can be one of the best motivators to pick up the pieces and improve your life. The pain of loss can catapult us into some of our greatest successes and our greatest relationships. These two break up quotes remind us of just that.

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