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Build Long Term Relationships


Are you feeling as if you are in the midst of an emotional turmoil in your life because of any of these reasons. You are single, you have broken up with your partner, you have divorced your partner, your partner has ditched you, your partner was again one of those liars and jerk, not happy with your marriage, want to get rid of any relationship that you have fallen in by mistake, etc?

If your answer is ‘yes’ for any of the above, you need proper guidance and support of an unbiased person. Relationships are not always like a bed of roses, they has many ups and downs, sometimes because of the partner or sometimes because of the circumstances. Circumstances can be changed and worked upon for improvement but if you are stuck with a wrong person, nothing works except bringing the relationship to an end. This is easier said than done, but sometimes this is the only option that can save yours and yours dependents life.

A bad relationship can really ruin your life. 90% of the relationship problems can be worked upon and be solved but the remaining 10% either have to be accepted or tolerated. It is not easy to solve the emotional problems in the relationship but at the same time it is not impossible. Of course each one of us wants to end all the problems in our relationship and live a peaceful and happy life. Many-a-times only one partner is willing to save the relationship and give in all that he/she can to save the relationship while the other refuses to take any blame, this proves to be the most difficult situation to handle as the other person does not contribute or actually is not interested in saving the relationship, this in turn lowers your self-esteem and discourages you. You need to not only work towards saving your relationship but also preserving your self esteem and dignity.

There are workshops and counseling sessions available to understand the problems in your dream relationship from some other point of view so that you could be helped to see beyond what you are able to see. It is very important to understand your relationship problems from someone else’s point of view to exactly understand what went wrong and where and how can it be rectified. Whenever we are angry, we loose our sense of stepping into another’s shoes and understand the whole thing clearly, these sessions helps you to through altogether a different light on your issues and helps you to regain the happiness in your relationship that you had and always wanted.

There are people who are suffering in a relationship just because they got into a relationship out of desperation. Desperation is a stinky perfume and will ruin your relationship in long run. This idea of just wanting to be in a relationship causes people to make wrong choices and end up with bad experiences.



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