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Bus Advertising, the most effective way to reach your audience?


Bus advertising is an excellent way to promote your product or service to a market area. There is some information you should arm yourself with before you call the transit authority, to find out how much bus ads cost in your general area.

Advertising on taxis, buses, trains or subways is an excellent way to put your product in front of a mass market on a consistent and repeated basis. Unlike direct mail, TV or magazine ads, people can’t change the channel, throw the ad out, or flip the magazine to another page. Bus ads are part of the city-scapes of today, as much as anything else in large metropolitan areas.

From that standpoint, bus ads have the advantage of successfully being able to hit a large audience of people without costing a prohibitive amount. When you use Bus Advertising in addition to traditional marketing techniques, it’s an effective way to broaden the audience that will see information about your products or services.

There are ways you can use to increase your marketing campaign’s success by using bus ads, and there are ways to make this advertising more effective for your business. Bus ad statements should be brief, eye-catching and to the point. The bus will often be in motion, as will the readers of the ads, so you may only have a few seconds to get your point across. So, short slogans work better on buses than longer statements, since part of a longer statement may be missed in traffic.

Be noticeable and bold, and try to stand out from the crowd. Your bus ads will need to incorporate your logo or photos in a memorable way. Use bright colors to attract attention, and don’t be afraid to make your ad a little “off the wall” – these are often the most effective bus ads.

You need to be sensible in your Bus Advertising strategies, too. People from all walks of life and people of all ages will see your ad, so make sure your ad doesn’t contain any material that some people might consider offensive. If you are offensive, your ad might be notable and the word passed along, but with a negative stigma attached. Similarly, using abbreviations such as those seen in text messages will immediately catch young peoples’ eyes, but won’t do you much good if your target audience isn’t all in that age bracket.

You also need to be committed to your ad campaign. Bus ads are viewable for a long period of time, and a bus ad can’t be quickly pulled, like a TV or radio spot. Transit companies generally will require a three month or longer commitment, so bus ads aren’t recommended for a shorter-term sale or event. The campaign needs to be more broad-reaching than that.

You also have to be smart about bus advertising. Make sure that you are targeting the audience that is most likely to purchase your product or service. Buses travel in different areas of town or the country, so made sure you will hit your target demographic.

Bus ads are usually to the point, but their success is generally based on repetition. If people see your ad a lot, it will stick with them more readily. Bus ads are non-intrusive and they get your message out to many people, while decorating boring transit buses at the same time.



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