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Buying a gift for your boyfriend? Don't make these six mistakes


#1 Most Worn-out Gift Idea For Your Boyfriend – Clothing

Buying clothing is not a good gift for your boyfriend unless this is a really new relationship. Shirts, ties, socks—those are the kinds of gifts you buy when you want to play it safe. Of course, if this guy is letting you know he’d like to take the relationship out of the shallow zone, you don’t want to send him the message you aren’t interested when you are.

#2 Gift Idea Cliché for Your Boyfriend – Food

You may have heard that food is the way to a man’s heart, but there’s just one problem with food gifts. Your boyfriend eats every day. What’s going to make those cookies stand out in his memory? If he’s been treating you to dates at restaurants, how is giving him a gift card for a nice restaurant going to cut it? When you are buying a gift for your boyfriend, you want it to have a different twist. Sure you can use the food idea, just don’t do it like everyone else.

#3 The Gift That Says I Don’t Care Anymore

Don’t make the mistake of not getting to know what your boyfriend really likes to do. It’s so much easier to find the right gift if you look for something that’s really “him.” If he loves the outdoors, a trail pass might be the best gift ever. It’s not the expense of the gift that matters, it is the thought you put into choosing it. (That isn’t quite the same as saying, “It’s the thought that counts.”)

#4 Mistake to Avoid When Buying Your Boyfriend A Gift – Get Something You Like

Giving a tool to a guy that’s an artist just doesn’t make sense, unless he knows how to use that tool to create his art. Giving a book to guy who hates to read is a big mistake as well, unless it’s loaded with pictures. Both of these examples highlight a major mistake many women make when they are buying a gift for a boyfriend or husband. They buy something they like. The guy smiles politely as he views the perfect gift for his girlfriend or wife. Meanwhile, he’s wondering whether this woman really cares for him or not.

#5 Giving Your Boyfriend a Gift That Anyone Else Could

Why make this mistake, when you can give your boyfriend a gift that no one else can? You could turn your kiss into a work of art. Sure, someone else could do the same, but your kisser is unique. If it’s captured on canvas, it’s yours.

This is something that is easier to do than you might realize. All you have to do is order a kiss collector kit. In fact, you can collect both your kisses if you want. The kit contains all the information you need to create a unique piece of wall art. You can select color options to match any decor. There are several layout options and more than one size of print to choose from. You can even sign your own personal kiss.

#6 Failing to Think of a Creative Way to Deliver Your Boyfriend’s Gift

Then of course, there’s the delivery to think about. Don’t make the mistake of not being creative here. You can turn any gift, even a pair of socks into something memorable if the delivery is creative.

Now that you know the six worst mistakes you can make when buying a gift for your boyfriend or husband, it should be easier to avoid them. Buying gifts for men isn’t really that much harder than buying them for women, if you take the time to get to know your man.



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