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Can You Get An eHarmony Free Trial?


You have probably seen the TV ads for eHarmony’s free communication events. They are offered from time to time, and allow members to communicate for free for a limited time. These events always seem to result in a spike in participants in the site. However, it is actually possible to get a type of eHarmony free trial at any time In this article, I will talk about some of the free services you can get at eHarmony.

It’s true that joining eHarmony takes a bit more time and effort than joining other sites. You need to complete a detailed personality test, which could take up to 30 minutes, depending on how quickly you go through it. After that, you are given a personality profile for free, which will give you insights into your personality.

The matching service is also free. As soon as you complete the test, you are able to review your matches. Remember, these matches are based on eHarmony’s complex matching technology. Then, at your leisure, you an study your matches’ profile and decide if you want to get into contact with any of them.

As for setting up your profile and adding pictures, that can be done for free as well. So despite what people think, trying eHarmony does not have to cost money. You can in fact get a personality profile, set up a dating profile, and view all your matches before paying a dime. What if you aren’t interested in any of your matches? Fortunately, you will continue to be matched with new people as time goes by. Keep in mind, all of this costs you nothing until you choose to begin communicating with one of your matches.

So there is no need to wait for the occasional free communication events for you to get involved with eHarmony. It’s a good idea to get an eHarmony free trial and set up an account with a profile. This way, when a free communication event takes place, you will be ready to jump in and start talking to the people you have been keeping an eye on.

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