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Can You Read Signs Your Girlfriend Wants to Breakup With You?


Signs your girlfriend wants to breakup with you can often escape the eye, and only show up when things get so messed up that they can’t be sorted out without divine intervention. Are you sure you’re not making the same mistake of taking your partner for granted and overlooking any symptoms that may be leading to a breakup?

No matter how smoothly your relationship with your girlfriend is sailing, you never know when something bad happens. In order to be able to keep a check on the proceedings, here’s how to read your girlfriend’ actions to make sure she’s not showing signs she wants to break away from you:

Is Your Girlfriend Requesting More Space?

Have you been noticing that your girlfriend has been shying away from your company? If you notice that you’re girl is asking for more space, this is one of the signs your girlfriend wants to breakup with you. But let’s not panic! All I’m suggesting is that you need to get alert and address this issue or there is a strong possibility that you might lose your partner.

Is Tension Increasing Day by Day?

If you and your girlfriend have been quarreling over trivial matters, this is a strong sign your girlfriend wants to breakup with you. When things are not working out after a relationship begins, partners can show the tendency to be highly irritable.

If she gets upset over minor things and starts talking about the relationship getting weaker, this is enough for you to stop in your tracks and devise your strategy or you can very well lose your girlfriend. The best thing in such a situation is not to respond with aggression to her silly arguments and stay calm.

Is your Girlfriend Avoiding Physical Contact?

Now, this is a big indicator that something is wrong. If your girlfriend gets irritated when you come close to her, this is a sign your girlfriend wants to breakup with you. Your girlfriend probably does not have the same feelings about you as she had in the beginning that is why she is getting distant from you.

Now that you know how to read the actions of your girlfriend, you can easily keep a check on the health of your relationship with her. The key is to be watchful without letting her know that you’re observing her!



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