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Can't Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back ? – Hit Him With This Powerful Tactic And Watch His Head Spin


After a breakup the biggest wish of most women is to continue to occupy a small place in the heart of the man they still love. Even though you feel you can’t get your ex boyfriend back, you still want to be a part of him. This is part of the problem. As hard as it may be you must let your ex go for awhile. This means to get him completely out of your mind. No matter how hurt and hopeless you feel at this time you cannot let your ex know how you feel. If you give in to your emotions and go begging your ex to love you again, it will only cause a bigger gap in your relationship and you may never be able to get your ex back.

The best thing you can do is to settle down, regain your composure and accept the reality of the breakup and convince yourself that your ex boyfriend is no longer a part of your life. For the present time he does not exist! What good can it do to subject yourself to more hurt. That is what you will get by trying to contact him at this time. You can’t get your ex back by continuing the argument that caused the breakup. Right now he is like a wounded bear in his cave and it could be extremely dangerous to pursue any future relationship with him if you rush headlong into that cave and confront him. Your best ally is distance. The farther you can stay away from him and the longer you can stay away the better it will be for your chances of getting your ex back.

By maintaining this distance for at least three weeks you are setting him up for the real clincher. When you hit your ex with this powerful tactic and watch his head spin you won’t be saying you can’t get your ex boyfriend back. He will be falling all over himself to get back in your arms.

The reason this powerful tactic works so well has to do with the fact that men always want something they can’t have and with the additional fact that they can’t stand rejection. In order to pull this off you need to give your ex boyfriend time and space to think and begin to doubt his decision to break up with you. Then it will occur to him that you have not been trying to contact him. He will wonder what happened to you and begin to wonder if you have found someone else. Now the panic will start to set in for him and he will be afraid he has lost you. That is when you hit him with the clincher.

Call your ex and thank him for the breakup. Tell him you can see that it is best for both of you. Tell him you wish him a happy life and end the conversation. He will come after you like a piece of putty that you will be able to shape any way you please. Make sure you have a plan all set so that you stay in complete control when he comes calling. At this point you do not want to make any mistakes to undo all of the hard work it has taken to get to this point.



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