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Catch a Cheating Liar – The Body Language When Your Spouse or Lover Is Lying to You


How To Catch Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend or Husband or Wife Lying to you

If you are partner is cheating on you they are going to lie to you. When a person lies they have certain subconscious body signals and behaviors. They may be able to hide or cover up some of them but there is no way they will be able to cover up all of them. Here is a list of clues to look for to be able to tell if someone is lying to you or not.

  1. Lack of eye contact. A person who is lying has an underlying sense of guilt as such they will have difficulty maintaining eye contact with you. Most people think the only way somebody averts eye contact is simply by not looking at you directly in the eye. There are other more subtle ways a person can avoid direct eye contact as well which include rubbing of the eyes. So if your spouse or lover is rubbing their eyes after you ask them a question they could be using this as a method of avoiding contact eye and thus lying.

  2. Leg and feet positioning. If someone is lying to you they may have a tendency to turn their legs and feet away from you so their feet and knees are pointing off to the side and not directly at you.

  3. Hesitation in answering a question. If for example you think your boyfriend or girlfriend was off with your cheating partner when you ask them the question ‘where were you’ in order to make sure they give you the right answer there will be a slight hesitation or pause. A person who answers a question honestly pretty much answers that question immediately.

  4. Crossing the arms as a defensive posture. This by itself may or may not mean something because a person may take a defensive posture if they feel they are being attacked whether or not they are a lying. So if you ask your partner a question and they cross their arms it could be a posture signaling that they are tired of being given the third degree by you. The crossing arms defensive posture becomes more likely to be an indication of lying if it occurs along with one of the other signs of lying listed here.

  5. Covering of the mouth. This will most likely be done in a subtle matter for instance when answering your question they may rub their nose but their hand and arm will still be covering their mouth.

Additional Tips to Catch Cheating and Lying

When asking your spouse or partner questions the more of these signs that are exhibited the greater the likelihood they are lying. If you are serious about catching a cheating husband, wife, or cheating boyfriend or girlfriend you’re going to want to get your hands on catch cheating spouse guide which is close to 150 pages of all kinds of tips and tricks for catching your spouse or partner cheating.



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