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Cheating Spouse Signs – 2 Cheating Signs That Would Shock You!


The day she found lipstick marks on his collar, the wife knew her husband was dating another woman. Otherwise- she was not at the hair dresser’s when the husband wanted to surprise her, he found out some days later that she was seeing another man. Oh yes, these are situations straight out of 2 popular Hollywood movies. Life on the other hand is not a matinee show and cheating spouse signs are not so obvious. Besides, people learn from movies and also pick up how to cover their tracks. So if your spouse is cheating on you, chances are you might not even come to know till things are quite out of your control.

Social Networking Sites bite into your marriage

As harmless as connecting with old friends can be, social networking sites pose a great threat to any existing relationships. Cheating signs that have the capability to shock you start here. Your partner is exchanging a few emails with their 10th standard science project partner, shouldn’t affect you, right? Wrong. It might be the very beginning of his interest in exploring options outside the marriage and who better than an old sweetheart? It is in your interest to know just whom your spouse is chatting or exchanging emails with.

Too many wrong numbers

In the list of cheating signs, the credit for second place goes to how many misplaced calls your partner receives in a day. Your partner gets too many misplaced calls? Or whenever you answer their phone, the person on the other side asks for a different person? You notice your partner speaking on the phone and abruptly cancel the call as you walk into the room. You ask them and the perfectly simple explanation is Wrong Number. Ever wondered why they would speak so long to an errant caller?

These two seemingly innocent signs could mean your spouse is cheating & you might want to observe your spouse more closely.



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