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Choosing the Best Audio Book Player


One of the things that will help you enjoy your audio book to its fullest potential is to invest in a good audio book player. Portable media devices are good tools for listening to your audio books, but audio book players are specifically designed for listening to audio books. An audio book player typically includes features that make listening to your book just as enjoyable as reading your favorite book.

Many people still enjoy the original format of audio books on tape. Even with modern technology, audio books on tape provide conveniences that other players do not provide. Listening to an audio book on cassette eliminates the problems of skipping and losing your place, so people can enjoy listening to their favourite book while jogging or exercising. Others may listen to books on tape in their cars because they are the most convenient option for enjoying a book during those long daily commutes.

Compact discs have also had an impact on the audio book industry. For people who do not have an MP3 player that they can use to take their files with them, CD audio books are the next option. This format allows listeners to easily skip and repeat certain sections of the book. Unlike cassette tapes, you cannot simply stop a CD and resume listening from the place it was stopped. Listeners have the option of “pausing” the book, but if the CD player is running on batteries this will quickly drain its power.

With the innovations of internet technology, the ideal audio book player is an MP3 player or any other portable media device with large memory capabilities. Downloads of audio books in digital format are often large, so it takes a large memory to store even a few of your favorite books. The most popular MP3 players are iPods. Audio book players, specifically made for enjoying audio books, are quickly becoming popular as well. With these devices, you can bookmark particular pages or sections so that you can resume listening at the last place you left off. An audio book player is also compatible with a greater number of the audio books available for download. iPods are typically only compatible with audio books downloaded from the iTunes service.

Audio books are a convenient and popular way to enjoy your favorite books. Their growing popularity has added demand for new advances in technology to appreciate them. While audio books on tape are considered old-fashioned, some people still prefer this method for playing their audio books. Downloads, however, have surpassed both cassettes and CD audio books because of the ease of accessibility. Digital formats are also more cost-effective and space-efficient, which is an important thing to keep in mind. Before investing in a new audio book player, evaluate your specific needs in order to choose the best player for your lifestyle.



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