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Control Obesity By Simple Steps


Obesity results when too much fat accumulates in the body. A person is normally considered obese when his or her weight is 20% over the normal body-weight for height and age and the Body Mass Index (BMI) measures 30 or more. Now recognized as a serious medical problem, obesity affects about 30% of adults, and about 14% of children

Obesity can be controlled by applying any of the following methods:

Reduce the quantity of fat intake into the body: Individuals needs to watch the type of food taken into the body because, Foods that contains high calorie like sugar if taken too much can increase body weight which can also result into obesity. Therefore, calorie intake into the body controlled drastically. Excess carbohydrate should be avoided as this can also result into obesity.

Dieting: Try as much as possible to reduce the quantity of food taking into the body and also, the rate at which foods are consumed. Also, avoid taking foods which contains too much carbohydrate and fat.

Drink more water: water is just about the most excellent appetite suppressant you can find. It’s natural and great for the body. The human body is 70 percent water by mass while blood is 90 percent water. Water loads the stomach and keeps you from overeating. It as well takes away toxins from your body and while helping to extract greater nutritional value from your food.

Vegetables – most of them have low calorie contents in contrast to meats. They are also tummy- and heart-friendly. Veggies promote good digestion and are thus good for weight-watchers.

Soya milk – it is rich in protein yet it will not make you fat. A high-protein diet uses more energy and, thus, it can make you burn fat faster. If this happens, your blood pressure and sugar levels are lowered.

Lemon juice is very useful and effective in obesity control. Take a glass of lukewarm water and add two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon honey. Drink this on empty stomach each morning. It will prove to be very beneficial.

Mint is an excellent herb which is used in the control of obesity. You can eat it as chutney or drink mint tea. Both are very beneficial. Mint is capable of burning your excess fats effectively.

Do physical exercise regularly. If you want to burn fats then you will have to do exercise regularly. Walking is also very good for your health. So walk everyday. Take the stairs in place of lift. You can skip ropes and also do sit ups and push ups. Be active throughout the day. Work, play and also take proper rest.

Eat less carbohydrate: carbohydrates such as those found in white rice, white bread, white sugar, processed cereals etc are all fattening. Focus on getting energy from proteins and healthy fats like those found in olive oil, avocado oil etc. and take only complex unrefined carbs such as brown rice, brown sugar, brown bread etc.



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