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Creative Vlog Content Ideas to Get You Vlogging in No Time


Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary hardware to deliver those stunning viral vlogs, let’s look at some content ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Keep in mind each category below could be the topic of a single vlog post you’ve made or your entire vlog site.

1. General
A general vlog has as great amount of potential as any other topic I will mention. Starting a general vlog could be you simply vlogging your daily life. Your first vlog could be you simply introducing yourself to your audience. Keep in mind that those who do well in this area usually will have exciting daily schedules or at least such a personality that can make even the most mundane situations seem visually interesting. You might vlog your visit to the lake on your friends boat, or vlog unboxing your new IKEA computer table that you were excited about receiving. The key here is not necessarily the content but your personality and how well you are able to keep your audience’s attention. There are many people that can appreciate genuine people who vlog their daily activities. Just keep in mind that there has to be spark wether it’s from your lively personality or from the actual vlog’s subject matter and you’ll do fine.

2. Tutorials
This is a very hot area! There are very successful tutorial vlogs that will present the owner explaining their artistic abilities, computer programming, or them cooking to name a few. Look inside yourself, what do you do well that someone would appreciate learning about. Maybe you’re a musician with a mean vibrato. You’re first vlog could be explaining how you do your vibrato. Maybe your an automotive technician, you could vlog how to change the breaks on an 04′ Chrysler. Whatever your skill is you bet there’s someone out there that would appreciate your angle on the matter.

3. Family
If there’s one area that can go viral it is family. Filming your family barbecue or an event is one way to get everyone involved to display their unique qualities. Have everyone involved tell their friends and extended family to support the vlog. Families can have such a great dynamic with each other that just seems to draw you in during the first ten seconds of watching.

4. Business
Do you have an insight on business? You might vlog about some of the mistakes you’ve made in business and how to avoid them. Balance that out with the more positive experiences you’ve had. Give general advice about how to deal with difficult people and situations. Or maybe you have an idea that you could market from you’re vlog that could bring in investors.

5. Games
This is a huuuuugge market! Gaming has truly taken the world by storm. Vlog your inside opinions on that new video game you just bought. You might even find it in your heart to give strategies that took you days to figure out. You can really brand yourself as the go to guy in the video game arena. I might brand myself as the rpg guy, specifically in the xbox realm. Become THEE Man when it comes to your favorite games.

6. Love
It’s something that we are all constantly searching for. Tell the world what you’re views and opinions are when it comes to love. We’ve all been hurt by someone, vlogging our pain can often prove to be helpful not only to us but to those who have gone through similar battles. Maybe you have dating advice for men or women. Brand yourself as the Luuuv Doctor. If your witty you might have a pickup line of the day or something along those lines to draw in the funny seekers.

7. Music
Everyone loves music, it’s apart of our daily lives. Vlog your reviews on the new Drake album or whatever your into. Maybe you’re an artist yourself. Up and coming artists use vlogging to inspire their audience and show them there daily lives. This creates a sense of belonging that the audience greatly values and will be more likely to follow and support your career. Maybe you are a music buff and purchase every album that comes out. Brand yourself as the rock and roll guy who gives his opinion on different bands that drop. Add in some witty comments and suggestions and your vlog will soon be rockin’.

8. Pop Culture (current events)
Here is a really hot topic! Popular culture, we all watch the news and hear what’s going on in the media. Be it MTV, BET, CNN, FOX News we all have our sources where we get information from. This is a fun area because we all have opinions and if you’re like me you like to share your opinions with people and recieve feedback. You might post a vlog about the BP oil spill and encourage your audience to leave comments. If you’re delivery and subject matter is good you could create a mass of followers who tune in regularly to hear what you have to say.

9. Fashion
Are you a fashionista? Do you keep up with the latest trends? Do you believe that you could be stylist to the stars? Well if your passionate about fashion you could vlog exactly that. Vlog reviews on Lady Gaga’s outfit last night or how good Paula Patton looked on the red carpet in her Vera Wang. You could play dress up showing off the new pieces you bought recently and show the many ways to piece them together. Vlog about the shoes you just saw that you’re dying to get your hands on.

10. Sports
Holy cow sports what else could I say here! Uhm, yea! everyone seems to love sports out there whether it’s college or pro. Everyone has there team they root for. Do you have a sports mind? Do you believe that you could talk sports right alongside the best of em’? Do you have ambitions of becoming the next Stuart Scott or Bill Simmons? Here’s your chance vlog about that missed free throw that could have won the game last night, or the field goal that went way left. Do you know a girl who is passionate about sports also? Get women involved in the vlog. Women will tend to attract women and guys we go where the women go right? just saying… These are a few ideas I’ve thought of to give a great sports vlog.

11. Technology
Are you a tech head? Well if the answer is yes looks like you’ve found your niche. I think you get the point by now vlog about your passion. Look up the latest technology and vlog about it. You might give a review on a new piece of equipment you just bought or a new phone that you just love. People like researching before they buy and if you could brand yourself in a particular genre of technology your vlog could dominate. You might establish yourself as the goto guy for reviewing digital camcorders, or cb radios there are no limits here so have fun!

12. Travel
Do you travel? Are you someone who’s been all over the world? Have you been on several cruises? Vlog your opinions on some of the best places you’ve visited. You might film you and your vacation partners having a great time on the beach of Cabo, or taking an excursion through the forest, or hiking a steep mountain. These are all areas that are sure to get the attention of travel junkies. Let’s face it everyone loves to travel, so give those in need of a vacation a piece of yours by filming segments of your travel experiences.

13. Money
Do you give good financial advice? Do you have insider stock secrets? Do you have the golden egg opportunity? Vlog about whatever makes you passionate when it comes to money. Maybe at one point in time you were terrible with money and now you’ve grasped proven facts that can help someone get back on track. I would guarantee that if you helped someone with a money situation you will receive more and more of an audience. Brand yourself as a person who is in the know when it comes to money and you’ll be bankin’ in no time.

14. Politics
If there ever was a topic that can make folks stir crazy it’s politics. Everyone has an opinion on who they think should run for office, or how they would have handled a situation. Give your views and opinions on the social economic status of America and how the constitution is being driven out of our government… just saying. Anyway I got off on my own tangent there. Now you get the point everyone seems to get fired up over politics. Again engage the audience to comment and subscribe to your feed if you have one.

15. Hodge Podge
Your vlog doesn’t necessarily have to be to the accord of one specific topic. You could vlog about breaking your arm and how nice the doctor was to you at the hospital; and the next vlog could be you at the park walking your puppy while talking about pop culture. You see how you could keep your audience guessing on what you will do next. People seem to be dra

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