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Different Types Of Sausage Stuffers


Sausage stuffers are industrial machines that ease the work of making sausages in both homes and hotels, and come in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, models, that are quite affordable. The machines are user friendly and little effort is used in making sausages in both small and big batches. The three basic types readily available in the market are vertical, horizontal, and horn sausage stuffers. Although they are relatively different in the way they function, they play the same role when you want better quality sausages faster, the only difference are the ingredients used.

Vertical sausage stuffers are used in production of larger quantity of sausages and are commercially based. They can be operated both manually and electrically depending on what is purchased, more so, you do not need to be a professional, there exists beginner models in the market too. The difference in capacity varies depending on mode of operation, electrically operated sausage stuffers produce large quantities whereas those manually operated are small scale. During the process of making sausages, the vertically mounted stuffing cylinder holds large amount of seasoned meat that is eventually extruded at the base of the machine. The production capability of vertical sausage stuffers is high because its efficient motor and easy to handle crank, manufacturing capacities vary and generally range between 5Ibs up to 15Ibs.

Horn sausage stuffers are recommended for beginners who want to make sausages in smaller batches, this type is manually operated and relatively cheaper compared to horizontal sausage stuffers. They are efficient and come in different designs from reliable manufactures. Durability is considered when manufacturing this type to avoid rust and increase its utility, to achieve this stainless steel and cast iron common components that are used. The horn sausage stuffers due to the nature of productivity capacities do not exceed 5Ibs, when used they save time and greatly reduce air pockets better than the manual style of making sausages that expose the meat to germs.

Horizontal sausage stuffers are easy to operate, clean, and maintain, stainless steel is predominantly used to avoid rusting and to make it more durable. The filling procedure is simple when using these machines and the generally manner of operation is straightforward, you can opt to purchase electrically or manually controlled stuffer. It is more comfortable to operate when they have a gearing system and speed change features, the electrical kind of horizontal sausage stuffer has both making it user friendly. The quality of the tubes is also high making it durable and easy to clean and maintaining high hygienic standards. The capacities of horizontal stuffers are forthrightly high for the reason that they can be used for commercial ventures, generally range they range from 5Ibs to a round figure of 15Ibs.

sausage stuffers helps you save on time and quality of the final product is superior.



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