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Digital Music Store to Sell your Music Online


If you’re an independent musical artist, getting your music out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. is key for connecting to your audience.

The music business is in the middle of a revolution. The boom of online music stores has revolutionized the way music is made available to the public. And a major part of this innovation lies in the fact that there are new services like IndiGoBoom enabling musicians and artists to sell their music directly to fans without any third party intervention or presence of intermediary of any kind. Whereas the old system meant that distribution was only available to an artist with a recording contract, now it is enough to have a WAV file, a cover image and an account with a distributor like IndiGoBoom and you can be in all the digital music stores in a matter a few days.

For some it’s all about being heard on the major streaming services.  For others, downloads pay the rent.  Needs vary with artist and genre. Digital distribution services allow the indie artist to sell music online in all the big digital music stores right alongside their heroes. So that is a major change in music business dynamic. That does not mean that you should publish every recording you have ever made, but it does mean that the playing field has been leveled considerably for indie artists and the ability to sell music online is key to starting a music career.

There have been developments and innovation in the field as well. More recently there have been developments allowing instant download of songs in various formats like MP3, FLAC etc. There are also apps that allow the user to directly download songs to a mobile phone as they are broadcasted on the radio. The process might not take anything more than 60 seconds. Streaming services such as Spotify are now available on your mobile phone, and others are following close behind.

There are enumerable advantages attached to the onset of online music stores. First and foremost this is the system that follows copyright laws and centralized repository of music making it easier than ever to find songs and download them. This goes a long way to making the soon ten year old problem of piracy smaller. Why steal something that is more easily found online legally and in better quality?

It is important to understand here in the present day there are multiple ways in which music can be accessed or made available. The fact that music is now easily available online has added to its popularity like never before. The online services or music stores help us download pop music, classical music and movie soundtracks. After a period of holding back, even the biggest brand names in music such as The Beatles, now sell and stream their music online to get greater visibility and eliminate the cost incurred on intermediaries.

If you decide to sell music online there are a lot of advantages that you can gain from your decision. Firstly you get to establish a direct contact with your customers and music lovers. And you get almost every cent your sales earn you . For example iTunes takes 30% from everyone, even The Beatles. Still it’s a fantastic deal and your money will roll right in to your paypal account at regular intervals. No more chasing the label to get paid.

The online music store has been criticized for making music vulnerable to piracy but the fact remains, that the vinyl albums, CDs or DVDs from physical music stores are perfect starting points for the online pirate since they can be easily copied and put on torrent sites. So the lesson is to get yoru product out there in front of your fans before the pirates do the same.



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