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Earning A Living off of YouTube Videos


To earn a 100% living off of the Internet is a beautiful feeling. Article and Internet marketing helps to increase online advertising revenue. Online video is responsible for the accelerated revenue increase and online visibility success of many businesses, bloggers, vloggers, and work at home professionals. Truthfully, the more videos you upload to your YouTube channel and keep your audience engaged, the more likely YouTube will approach you and ask you to become a YouTube partner, which will enable you to make money off of YouTube videos with ads in your videos by Google.

There are many people today quietly earning a living off of YouTube. They don’t have day jobs. They do what they want to do all day long, while enjoying the freedom of not having to get up in the morning and going to work for someone else. All they do is upload videos all day long to their YouTube channel, and build their audience quietly, while increasing their subscriber YouTube fan base, and earning money from their newly uploading YouTube videos. YouTube is the world’s leading video sharing social network, which helps businesses of all sizes get traffic to their websites. Believe it or not, many billion-dollar corporations have built their businesses strictly from YouTube videos quietly. Those who have turned into billion-dollar corporations from YouTube videos are most likely the businesses that do not talk about it. Instead, they have regular looking YouTube channels, nothing dressed up fancy on their YouTube channel, and regularly upload videos. You know their YouTube channels are super successful, when you see their subscriber fan base over quarter of 1 million subscribers. That right there will let you know the person or business who owns that YouTube channel is making a lot of money, from advertisements automatically appearing in every new YouTube video uploaded to their channel.

Yes, you can be one of those businesses or people back and earn a living and make lots of money from YouTube videos on your channel. All you have to do is dedicate yourself to uploading more than one YouTube video updates your channel. After you upload a video to your channel, write a nice and lengthy description of what your video is about. From there, include relevant links about your YouTube video you just uploaded in the video description, back to your blog or website, or social networking profile such as Twitter or Facebook. This way, you’ll entice people who you your newly uploaded YouTube videos to visit the links in your video description. This will not only help you build targeted traffic, but you’ll also be able to build up your subscriber fan base, while setting yourself up for additional online advertising revenue success, by way of increasing your YouTube subscriber count, YouTube views, and passive video traffic. After you have accepted the offer to become a YouTube partner and have your videos monetized, ads will automatically appear in every new video uploaded you channel. This is how you can potentially earn a living off of your YouTube videos. Be encouraged, because you will make pennies on the dollar from the beginning, and it is a patient process of building up your YouTube revenue.



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