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Eco-Dogs – How to Make Your Dog More Eco-Friendly


The last thing any pet owner wants to hear is that their lovable, huggable dog is a threat to the environment. The fact is that it is very easy for dog owners to contribute in making their pets harmful to the environment through various commissions and omissions. The good news, however, is that there are various ways in which the ardent dog-lover can make their pet more eco-friendly. Below are five tips to get you and your dog started on a more eco-friendly path.

Have Your Dog Neutered

When you have your dog neutered or spayed, they will be incapable of reproducing thus curbing the population explosion of stray and feral dogs in your neighborhood. This way, you help to ease the burden borne by animal shelters in costs incurred for the maintenance of these dogs.

“Green” Pet Shopping

Only buy environmentally friendly dog accessories such as toys, beddings and clothes, which are only made from natural materials. Avoid pet accessories manufactured from materials such as rubber, plastic and other synthetic fabrics, as these tend to deplete natural resources and contain chemicals used in their production which could harm both your dog and the environment. What’s more, these accessories more often than not will end up disposed as landfill waste which is harmful to the environment.

Buy Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Biodegradable pet waste bags provide an eco-friendly solution to the disposal of dog waste. This way, you can avoid having your dog’s waste ending up in landfills which could thereafter contaminate local water sources. Biodegradable pet waste bags undergo rapid decomposition which prevents them from leaving toxin residue that could pollute the environment. What’s more, with the help of these pet waste bags, you will also be able to breathe in cleaner air both in and around your home.

Compost Your Dog’s Waste

The waste from your lovable dog can pose a threat to both the environment, as well as the health of other members of your household. This is because dog waste contains dangerous pathogens which should be carefully handled. The most eco-friendly way of disposing of your pet’s waste is by burying it underground.

Adopt Your Dog from an Eco-Shelter

Animal shelters around the world today are suffering under the burden of the increasing population of stray animals. There are animal shelters which subscribe to the best environmentally friendly practices in the care and maintenance of stray and feral dogs. So if you are thinking of adopting a dog, an eco-friendly shelter would be the best place to do it. By opting to adopt your dog from such eco-friendly animal shelters, you could well be doing your part in promoting their efforts. For more information on Dog Furniture you can check out Dog Furniture you will find thousands of quality Dog Furniture and with free shipping and a money back guarantee they are the best.



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