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Emotional Cheating – 3 Reasons Why It Rips A Marriage Apart


When many people think about an affair, the first thought that comes to mind is sex. Much more devastating to any relationship than the physical side of cheating, is emotional cheating. People are more affected by their emotions when dealing with a cheating spouse. Here are some reasons why it is not always about the sex that truly rips a marriage to shreds.

Lost In New Love

Think back to the first part of any relationship from your past. Like most people, you were so caught up in the other person that nothing else mattered. All your thoughts were focused on them, distracting you during work, and leaving you to daydream about the next encounter. For a cheating partner, they are emotionally tied to their new love interest, with no regard for you or your marriage. This new relationship makes it easy for them to just toss your marriage to the side. There is a clear and marked emotional detachment. You notice they do not talk as much to you anymore, close time is probably non-existent, and that friend and lover you once knew is just a memory.

All Hope Is Gone

With emotional cheating, all hope that everything will be okay is lost. Unlike a physical affair that is based more in the moment, emotional cheating goes deeper and is much more lasting. If it is just about sex, the victim of a cheating partner can sometimes see beyond that and work toward rebuilding a life together. However, as they start to see their partner become totally committed to this new person, hope slips through their hands and it seems that nothing can turn it around – ever.

Separate Lives – Same Home

If you are suffering in a relationship because of emotional cheating, it is like living with a stranger. Who is this person you thought you once knew? As a cheater becomes more and more consumed by the fires of their new relationship, the space between you and them widens. Soon you are sleeping in separate rooms, find yourself on different schedules, and just spending time alone. The commitment to your marriage now, is nothing more than a piece of paper signed in front of witnesses. You are stuck, with nowhere to go and the thought of moving on alone seems full of fear and despair.

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