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Emotional Infidelity – Five Reasons for Its Occurrence


A perfect example of emotional infidelity is the relationship of Emma (Jayma Mays), the school guidance counselor and Will (Matthew Morrison), the music club moderator at the start of the popular TV series, Glee. Both were into someone else but there was a strong emotional attraction between them. There wasn’t any physical contact but the attraction made them closer to each other and it made their partners feel jealous too.

A lot of factors can explain why this form of deception occurs. Five of the possible reasons are stated below.

Feeling of discontent in present relationship

A person who enters a relationship carries his/her own expectations, needs and hopes. When they are not addressed, he/she tends to turn to other people for their fulfillment. Along the process, he/she might be pleased with a characteristic of a colleague or a friend that his/her partner doesn’t acquire. This desire can be the start of emotional bond and eventually, an implicit love affair.

Closeness with a friend of the opposite sex

Attraction stems from knowledge. The more one knows about the person, the greater the likelihood of understanding and appreciation, two elements of attraction. Friendship may start innocently but as months pass by, it can spring into something romantically important. Consequently, one might fantasize of a special relationship or an intimate night together.

Memories of the Past

Some people are still stuck with their relationships in the past. At times, those wonderful moments keep haunting them despite their unavailable status. Nostalgia affects the relationship when the involved handles it inappropriately. When he/she makes effort to relive his experience with an ex, it can be considered a form of betrayal.

Technology change

Technology has been the modern rendezvous of both long distance and illicit love affairs. If finding a soul mate is now just a matter of clicks, two-timing can be easily done through virtual communication. Since people can choose to be anonymous on the Internet, they can show their true colors without the fear of being rejected. This fact can encourage an attached person to have regular chat sessions or engage in virtual physical arousal with someone whom he/she shares a connection with.

Pornographic materials

In Psychology, there are studies that confirm that the environment affects the thoughts and behaviors of a person. The access of pornographic materials and scenes on media has increased the cases of sexual inclination and aggression in deed and in thought. When a committed person is influenced by pornography, he/she gratifies his sexual needs by looking at stimulating magazines or imagining sultry women. When this becomes a habit, he/she will regularly look for it and eventually, the act can resort to emotional infidelity. If unfulfilled desire  is the cause, it can be easily result in physical infidelity; learn how to spot the signs at signs of a cheater.

Since there’s no physical intimacy involved, emotional infidelity can be easily denied. You have to learn to recognise the symptoms, both in yourself and in your partner; see it at signs of an emotional affair.

However, those who are practicing it must realize that they are still hurting their partner with this kind of betrayal. If they have unresolved issues, they must work it out together. Escaping into relationship fantasies won’t do any good in the relationship.

Be it physical or emotional cheating, it’s going to leave a scar in the relationship. If you think you could not cope with it without help, it is advisable to look for expert help in How to Survive an Affair details.



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