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Film Review Writing Tricks for a College Student


Comments and reviews are not the same aspects. Film review involves a deep analysis of creative work of a director, premises of the film creation, an assessment of its impact on cinema. Review is a critical analysis and evaluation of a work of art, in this case – of the film. The terms ‘review’ and ‘comment’ are quite often confused because the border between them is really blurred. In my opinion, the main difference lies in the fact that the review is experience of the author while film review is an analysis, not only of the movie, but also the work of actors, a director, and a screenwriter. As I sometimes watch movies and do the writing on their feedback, I decided to make a plan of writing a film review because students at a college or a university often require creative ideas in their studies. The availability of a plan will make it possible to see clearly what to write. The next set of items refers to writing the plan review of the film.

1. Title. The title must present the name of the movie since this is the key word. The title should interest the reader and contain the name of the film because the reader must know the subject discussed. The title should be intriguing even if small. However, it is better to enclose the basic idea in the review title with length not more than one short sentence.

2. Introduction. After the intriguing title you need an intriguing introduction so that after 3-4 sentences the professor does not have a desire to close the essay and never return to it. In the introductory sectiom, a srudents has to indicate the issue discussed, the subject of the movie and, why he or she writes about it. Besides, a brief story can be added here. Several sentences are enough for introduction in order to prepare the reader for the story.

3. A short story description. The plot must be described very briefly without revealing the key moments and key turns in the film. You need to give enough general details about the film so that there is the desire to see it.

4. Analysis of the film. Here you need to describe the work of the actors, how they coped with the task, and what is the essence of the task. Besides, a student needs to analyze the story, reveal the presence of weak and strong points, its interesting and original elements. It is also necessary to describe the work of the director in the formulation and presentation of the material, to determine if it conveys the basic idea, to describe the operator work, and mention the scenery, special effects.

5. Own impression of the film. Opinions of the review author on the film viewed are very important on a college paper. It must be objective and based on the above analysis.

6. Conclusion. In the conclusion a student should draw conclusions and summarize his assessment of a film. One can make recommendations about whether to watch this movie, and what audience it is most suitable for. You need to write film review based on the analysis presented above and on your own imporession of a movie. It is not necessary to go into all the details because it is only one film review, which is useful for an overall picture and helps to confidently find all the negative and positive aspects of the film discussed in the review.



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