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It is actually very easy to locate a person who you have lost contact with or just want to find out information about. Back in the late 80’s early 90’s this would have been near impossible task to accomplish on your own. If you search the internet there a variety of companies who offer to find and get information on them for a cost. But if you want just basic information, there is no need to pay someone else to do the searching for you. All you need are a few guidelines to follow.

To find a person for free go to a simple search engine like Goggle, foxfire or simply internet explorer. Enter the person’s first, middle and last name in the search box in quotations like this “John Joe Smith”. The search will pull up every John Joe Smith in the world. The down fall is that it can literally pull up hundreds to thousands of John Joe Smiths.

You start by clicking on the links that your search engine has produced for you. This may find you the person you are looking for. But this technique will usually work better on a person that has an unusual name, so you may need to start adding different information. You can add more detail right in the search box after the person’s name. Such information can include a state, a maiden name for a female or even the name of their high school.

This could allow you to access a personal web page that the person has. This could be your best way to find a person for free. A personal web page such as face book, yearbook or my space will usually have a lot more personal information to help you find a person free. A person will normally post pictures of themselves, spouses, children and grandkids on their site. There is usually contact information via an email address or some webpage’s have a message board you can contact with.

If you want information on a person from a corporation you can search the persons name adding the corporation name. This sort of a search should take you to a corporate website that you can find information on the person you are searching for. Some corporations will have a separate page with the persons contact information, as well as basic back ground information on that person.

You can also find a person for free by using your own memory for things that you can remember about the person. Such as the school they attended, they may be on the alumni page of the school website. There is also military background, sports organizations, charity organizations and even church websites that may be helpful to your search. You can search the website pages for the name of the person you are looking for it may contain contact information.

Searching to find a person for free is as easy as searching a number of free internet white page sites. Once you put the name and general information about the person, it will pull up any name close to the one you are looking for. If you put in a demographic area it will pull up only those in that area.

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