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Finding inner peace

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How to find inner peace? Can you experience inner peace in today’s world?

Everyday thousands of people surf the internet looking for inner peace quotes and for various ways to find peace of mind. We learn from this kind of search that a lot of people suffer from worry, anxiety, and stress in their lives, hence they look for different methods to achieve inner peace, happiness, and tranquility.

Finding inner peace

If your goal is to learn how to find inner peace, I provide you with one method below that if used correctly, it will create a sense of inner peace in your life.

Create harmony with everything

One of the best methods used to finding inner peace is to create harmony with
whatever is bothering and distressing you. Many people make the mistake of
fighting with whatever is causing them stress and anxiety. What they don’t
realize is the fact that whatever you fight, it will fight you back. It is a
cause and effect law.

I had a preplanned vacation for this summer from last year, so when I got a
new job this past February, I was afraid that the new company will not accept my
vacation as I will be a new employee.

As worry and anxiety filled my heart, I kept reminding myself of the law that I live by “As within so without.” I started changing myself from within by creating harmony with what I want to achieve. I knew if I wanted to experience and find inner peace and the director approve my vacation, I first have to start to believe it.

I started visualizing my director smiling and telling me that my vacation is
approved. I did whatever I could to convince myself that I’m as going to get it.

As I started creating harmony with what I want to achieve, my worry has begun
to decrease and I was on the way to attaining inner peace.

When I told my director that I have a preplanned vacation a few months after,
guess what happened? He approved it! I know what you might be thinking that I’m
just lucky or it is a coincidence. However, let me tell you this has nothing to
do with luck or coincidence. It is a law that you must live by if you want to
find inner peace and achieve what you want in life.

Creating harmony with everything in life helps you to combat anxiety and find inner peace. To create peace and harmony with everything, you have to start changing yourself from within which means, your focus has to shift to what you want to achieve. You haveto develop faith, persistence, visualization skills and learn to overcome your limiting beliefs which all is internal work.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the
world.” Instead of looking for outer methods to change how you feel, start to
change yourself from within and your outer experiences will begin to reflect
that. Remember the law “As within so without.”


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