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Finding Proper Assisted Living In San Antonio


There are several assisted living communities in San Antonio, so it is important to look carefully to find the most appropriate place where your family member will be the most comfortable. Assisted living communities are for those seniors who want an independent lifestyle but who may need assistance for their individual needs.

In these communities, you should feel like you are independent and have the peace of mind knowing that your specific daily needs will be met. These needs include daily meals, dressing, bathing; help with medication, transportation and personal mobility. Most assisted living communities also provide, at extra cost, housekeeping, access to health services, Alzheimer’s care, staff available for personal needs, twenty four hour security, an emergency call system, exercise programs, medication management, personal laundry service, and social and recreational activities.

The best way to find the right community is to visit one, and then another until you find one that is just right. Before you visit, think about different aspects and pertinent questions that need to be addressed. Ask about who will draw up the care plan for your relative and how much input he or she and the family will have. Make sure the community feels fresh and clean. Look past the furnishings and into corners, baseboards and windows. Ask how often housekeeping is provided in your personal living space. Make sure you get full details on the types of maintenance provided and the estimated response times. Don’t forget to ask about laundry procedures. Ask for specifics on what is available and at what cost. Ask for the staffing ratio ? staff on floor at all times and not administrative staff .. Because staff on floor is what is involved in your loved ones care .. At seasons every 4-5 residents we have a caregiver.

Odors in the property may indicate a lack of cleanliness or a temporary problem. If you find smells concentrated to one area on your tour this most likely indicates a single, recent incident. Odors throughout the community most likely indicate a bigger problem. Always ask the manager about what they think might be causing the problem. The attitude and friendliness of the staff are of the utmost importance. Make sure that you observe several staff members interacting with current residents. See if they listen and make eye contact with the residents. Make sure to get a good understanding of the staffing pattern. Determine how many people are actually involved in residents’ care. Make sure you get an introduction to the management team. This will help you understand the goals of the property.

It is important that you have confidence in the property’s staff members. Find out how the facility will accommodate your relative’s current and future needs. Find out how many employees are assigned to each resident. And look for an assisted living in San Antonio, Texas that has a licensed nurse on duty or on call at all times. Ask about the staff’s training in such areas as safety, emergency care, first aid, mental health, residents’ rights, and medication administration. When you’ve narrowed the field to one, review the fees. Note the costs for any extra services your relative will need, policies regarding the return of a deposit or down payment, costs involved during hospitalizations, and the possibility of unexpected rate increases. Most costs for assisted living have to be paid out-of-pocket.



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