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Flu Influenza H1N1 – How Does It Make A Person Sick?


Flu influenza H1N1 reacts to everyone differently. Sometimes the symptoms are mild and linger for only a few days before disappearing. Then there are those who symptoms are so bad, they are admitted into a hospital. Most of those entering the hospitals are suffering from an attack of the respiratory system.

Most respiratory issues during a cold or flu are easily treated. A few over the counter drugs seem to lessen the symptoms. When over the counter drugs do not work, doctors resort to antibiotics to fight off the infection.

There are times when neither of the above works. In an event like this the drugs administered are extremely potent and can have long-term effects on the body. Yet at this point, the body is in such a bad shape, that it has become incapable of healing itself. The virus takes over and eventually the patient can die.

How Does A Person Get To This Stage And What Triggered The Violent Viral Attack?

Normally these stories surround a person who appears in good health and does not show any signs of sickness. It was an “all of a sudden” thing. One day they were fine and within 24 hours they were in the hospital fighting for their life.

Although a person can seem OK on the outside, they could be doing things that are causing their immune system to weaken. It could be a H1N1 or H3N2 type of virus or a simple cold that turns into pneumonia. It is only a matter of time before the right trigger is set and the body shuts down.

How Can A Person Stay Healthy?

There are a few ways to keep the body in a “response ready” mode. The first is rest. A body needs rest. Without it, the body becomes sluggish. When a body is tired, it does not want to respond to anything. When tired, the body does not have the ability recognize a viral attack. Yet, once it does notice, the response is usually too late and the person can get deathly sick overnight. Get a mandatory minimum of seven hours of sleep.

The second thing a person may want to do is change their diet. If you are eating anything from a fast food restaurant, stop now and stop for good. All that fat and chemicals you are putting into your body is seriously disrupting and weakening your immune system. Most fast foods are so bad; eating them every day can cause liver damage. Start eating at home, pack a brown bag lunch or eat at restaurants that use foods that are more natural and less toxic to your system.

The third and last thing you want to do is supplement. Most people refuse or forget to supplement. Very few people including myself get 100% of what they need from food. It is just not possible with our fast paced lifestyles. Supplementing with a good multi-vitamin, vitamin D3 and Omega 3’s will get you on the right path to rebuilding your immune system.

Now is the time to change your life. If you are the kind that likes to burn the candle on both ends, then figure out a way to take time for yourself. Get the rest you need, so your body can recover. Pick healthy choices for your meal. Remove any fast foods from your diet, reduce sugar, remove soft drinks and above all remove any high fructose syrup or artificial sweeteners from your diet. Finally start taking your supplements and vitamins. After a few weeks of doing these three things, you will feel like a new person. You will also be ready to take on any virus that comes your way.



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