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Free Advertising On The Web – Top 5 Resources


So your looking for where you can find free advertising online? No problem let me show you the top 5 resources that work well for my business.

Social Bookmarking Sites

These are a good way to get links and traffic to your web page, these sites are designed for users to share with each other interesting links and resources they have found on the web, if your choice proves to be popular the more people voting on it the more people it will be exposed to.

The Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites:

  • twitter

  • digg.com

  • Yahoo! Buzz

  • tweetmeme.com

  • StumbleUpon.com

  • reddit.com

  • Technorati.com

  • del.icio.us

  • kaboodle.com

  • mixx.com

  • Propeller.com

  • newsvine.com

  • Fark.com

  • Slashdot.org

  • twine.com

  • clipmarks.com

  • dzone.com

  • faves.com

  • blinklist.com

  • diigo.com

Press Releases Sites

These can be a good way to get the word out about your site, and you have a chance of it getting picked up and used by the media. PR Web is the most effective one but very expensive, here are 2 free sites you can use to get started:

  • PR Leap

  • PR Blog

Web 2.0 Sites

These rank very well in the search engines and are a good place to syndicate your content to, some of the sites that you can make pages on include:

  • Squidoo.com

  • HubPages.com

  • WetPaint.com

  • Blogger.com

  • WordPress

  • LiveJournal.com

  • WebNode.com

  • Blog.com

  • Webs.com

  • Blogspot.com

  • Wikihow.com

Forums (message boards)

This is often an overlooked method, but can be effective if you have useful, relevant and interesting content to contribute to the conversation on these message boards, most message boards allow you to have a signature where your allowed to include a link to your site and small message. You can use this to drive traffic to your website.

I won’t list any forms here as it is very dependent about what market you are promoting, but lets say your website was about golf and you wanted to find the top golf forms on the web, then go to Google and type in “Golf Forum” all the ones on the first page are likely to be the biggest.

Free Video Sites

You can get a lot of traffic from free video sites like Youtube, if you don’t have a video camera you can download some free software called cam studio which will allow you to record your desktop on your PC, so you can make some tutorial videos or record and slide show presentation.

Failing that there is another really cool and fee service that you can check out that allows you to make short interesting video clips out of pictures and text check it out here: www.animoto.com

Here is a list of free video sites you can post your videos too:

1) Blip.tv

2) VideoEgg

3) Dailymotion

4) YouTube

5) Veoh

6) Google Video

7) Grouper

8) Jumpcut

9) AOL

10) Eyespot



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