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Game Grumps v. Funhaus in Overwatch!

The Game Grumps grab some friends and go head to head with the Funhaus team in an Overwatch competition!

Game Grumps Team:
Arin ► https://twitter.com/egoraptor
Barry ► https://twitter.com/razzadoop
Suzy ► https://twitter.com/Mort3mer
Fey ► https://www.youtube.com/user/thefeylife
Rei ► https://twitter.com/ReixInari
Gab ► https://twitter.com/GirlGamerGab


Funhaus Team (http://bit.ly/1IxYv4I) :
Bruce Greene ► https://twitter.com/brucegreene
Adam Kovic ► https://twitter.com/adamkovic
James Willems ► https://twitter.com/JamesWillems
Lawrence Sonntag ► https://twitter.com/SirLarr
Aleks from Cow Chop ► https://twitter.com/immortalhd?lang=en
Steven Suptic from Sugar Pine 7 ►https://twitter.com/StevenSuptic

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Game Grumps are:
Egoraptor ► http://www.youtube.com/Egoraptor
Danny ► http://www.youtube.com/NinjaSexParty

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