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Get Free Legal Music For Your Website


Want to start a music website with free downloads but don’t know where to look for free and legal sources of mp3 files? This article shows you how.

Finding free legal material for adding to your own website is a legal landmine, especially if you use social networking sites to source your material as some of the artists on these sites are using illegal samples and releasing unlicensed cover versions to the public. But, one place that is overlooked for free music.

If your starting a music website or want free and legal music to host on your site then there are places that you can go to where you can download free and legal music which you can also use on your own website called Netlabels. Netlabels are growing in numbers now that sales of music are dipping and more and more big name artists are choosing to give away FULL albums. Some of these Netlabels are releasing very professional material, some of which i’m surprised has never been signed to major labels.

What is so special about these netlabels is that they also allow you to host the music you download from these sites on your own server and distribute freely. There are obviously conditions attached and usually can be found on the page that distributes the download in the form of a “Creative Commons” license. This is a license that can be created using the Creative Commons website and there are different types of licenses so its best to read the license given before adding any of the music to your own website.

Finding netlabels may need a bit of research, but one way of doing it may be to do a search on Google. For example the search term “dance music netlabel” throws up quite a few results on the first page, one of those being my own. You could try using that term or changing it to the music genre that you want to host. There are also music directories that list netlabels that you might want to try searching.

One thing you should never do without the permission of the website owners is to link to the file on the netlabels servers, this uses up their own bandwidth and most netlabels run as a non-profit organisation.

Now that you are armed with this info, getting free music for your website could not be easier.

Source by Barry D Walker


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