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Google Search Redirect Problem and Getting Rid of It


I was surprised when I noticed that I have a new homepage. It’s a site that I haven’t heard of before. I can’t even understand why it was there in the first place. I tried to bring it back to my previous homepage but whenever I restart my computer, the strange homepage would come back.

What’s worse is that I will be redirected to sites that look even weirder whenever I make a search — sites that contain too many ads, banners and pop ups. It took me several researches with the use of another computer before I found out that what has been bugging me is called the Google Search Redirect problem.

It is a virus; a Trojan to be exact. It enters our system without getting noticed. Usually, this infection can be caught from online encyclopedias, mp3 downloading sites, video downloading sites, porn sites and even emails. Wall papers, widgets, emoticons and other downloadables can also be sources.

In spite of its name, the virus was not created by Google. It was created by virus developers who want to rob internet users of money. The fake homepage continued to bring me to sites that contain more viruses. Lucky am I that I do not use any payment gateway online, lest, the chance of getting my money stolen is also big.

The Trojan has hijacked my system and opened a backdoor that allowed more viruses to get through. I was told that once the TDSS rootkit, which will be conveyed into my system through these man-made viruses, is capable of stealing important information, which includes passwords. It can also remotely control my computer. I was alarmed when I learned that if I won’t be able to clean my infected system, I will be prevented from making searches that will bring real results.

I was able to get rid of this Trojan by manually deleting it and editing its registry entry. This procedure is quite risky and I will not recommend that you perform it if you can’t be sure of what you’re doing. It will be better if you’ll download a redirection virus tool from the web.

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